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Spring Gardens

Ideas for Spring Containers

In my last post, Plants for Spring Colour  I briefly touched on Ideas for Spring Containers. Today I shall go into more detail and hopefully inspire you with some Ideas for Spring Containers for your gardens, patios, decked areas and/or windows. It isn’t difficult to add some instant interest and colour to areas that sometimes are …
Spring Gardens

Plants For Spring Colour

Welcome Spring with Open Arms Spring is on her way…at least she is here in the UK. I want to talk about some staple perennial plants and shrubs that will soon start to give glorious colour, fragrance and joy to your spring garden and with love and a little attention will continue to do so …
Winter Gardens

Plants for Winter colour

  Before I say a fond farewell to Winter and embrace the coming spring with open arms, I want to introduce some ideas and thoughts for Plants for Winter Colour. Some of the plants and shrubs that I suggest for your winter garden are also plants for winter fragrance. They defy winter and their disdain …

About Louise

About Louise

Hello and welcome to Gardening is my life, my passion. After masses of gardening mistakes, trials and tribulations and successes, my garden is now what sustains me. It is my quiet, therapeutic space, taking care of my mind and soul. I feel very strongly that gardening improves physical and mental well-being. How gardening grew …

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