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How to Grow Succulent Plants

Succulents are plants that store water. They grow in arid climates or arid soil conditions in areas that have little or no rainfall. They conserve water in their thick fleshy leaves or stems. This is an introduction on a diverse and very interesting group of plants. How to grow succulents will guide you through what …


Happy Mothers Day, Gift Ideas

  Happy Mother’s Day, Gift Ideas Mother’s Day is a celebration to honour the matriarch of our families, motherhood in general and the influence of mothers in society. Different countries/societies recognise it at differing times but generally speaking Mother’s Day is celebrated during the months of March or May. It complements similar celebrations for Fathers and …
Autumn Gardens Gardening

Trees for Small Gardens.

Trees for Small Gardens Trees offer so much to our incredible planet. We owe it to Lady Nature to conserve, care for and nurture our trees and where-ever possible plant more of them. There are so many suitable trees for small gardens; we really have no excuse for not planting some. I am passionate about …


A Rose is not Rose…..

The Rose and the Thorn… A rose has thorns as do we, grown for protection. Be wary, show respect, those thorns draw blood. I see roses in flower shops stripped of life stripped of thorns, stripped of protection, but they aren’t right…an aura of sadness surrounds them. Easier to handle I grant you… their feistiness …

Summer Gardens

Perennial Plants. First Year Flowering

What are Perennial Plants? Perennials are plants that live for 2 years or more. They flower each year usually in spring and summer following a period of dieback and dormancy. Some plants that are perennial in their native habitat are grown by gardeners as annuals due to the differences in climates and locales. There are …

Flowers of the evergreen clematis Freckles

Hardy Climbing Plants

Climbing plants are vines…vines have a growth habit of climbing, sending out runners or trailing. They twine or send out hooks, some will climb on their own, others need a support such as a wall, fence or host plant. Some vines will grow as shrubs if they cannot find suitable support. Here in the UK …


Every Day Stresses-Poetry For Gardeners

Gardening for Well-being, Why Gardening is Good for your Health. Every Day Stresses and every day strains plague us all but sit quietly in a garden, a slight breeze shifts the air, or work the soil ready to plant. Deep ,dark earth giving birth, tiny seedlings push through. Soft rain, warm sun, together, aid growth …


Garden Maintenance Services

The Lady Gardener is a well-established and friendly garden maintenance service operating in the Teignbridge and Torbay area of South Devon UK, with years of experience working with domestic and commercial clients. Here at The Lady Gardener we have a wealth of experience and knowledge. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, reliability, high standards …

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