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Summer Gardens

All Summer Blooming Flowers

Don’t you just love April? I do. Each day we gain more daylight time, gardens are lush and colourful, blossom is blooming in the hedgerows, fruit trees are popping, buzzing with pollinators, it’s a wonderful time of year. Now is the time to sow the seeds for all summer blooming flowers. On warm, sunny days …
Spring Gardens

Hardy Evergreen Flowering Shrubs

Spring is a beautiful time of year, everything is starting to grow, with leaf buds unfurling and blossom beginning to show. Hardy evergreen flowering shrubs are starting to add to the mix too. We’re well into April and our gardens are a mass of lush, bright, young greens. Spring bulbs are showing off in a …


What is National Gardening Week About?

Whilst talking to clients this week and then friends over a coffee at my local garden nursery I was surprised to be asked “What is National Gardening week about?” Well, for one thing it’s about bringing more awareness to folks about the importance of gardening, preserving gardening traditions and practices by passing on our knowledge …

How To Do

How to Make a Rain Garden

What is a Rain Garden? A rain garden is suitable for any garden where there are roofs from which to collect rain water, house roof and the roofs of outbuildings. The ideal garden needs a slope of less than 10%. The best time of year to build a rain garden is when it is reasonably …


Electric Weed Burner

  Garden Gear Electric Weed Burner   The Best Place to Buy The best price I have found is at Amazon Product Details Electric weed burner. Ideal for patios, paved areas and driveways. Environmentally friendly. Eliminates the use of harmful chemical. Easy to use. Two heat settings. 12 month guarantee.   Why I like the …
How To Do

How to Combat Climate Change in your Garden

With the ever more noticeable problems of climate change comes the inevitable pressure for us to right some of the wrongs that we have inflicted on our environment. We have to take the matter of environmental awareness seriously. As gardeners we can look at various ways of how to combat climate change in our gardens …


Best Secateurs review

Best Secateurs Review Why I Choose Felco Secateurs When I first started gardening I bought, broke and lost several different types of secateurs. Secateurs that were neither strong nor durable. Then I discovered Felco secateurs and cutting tools, I invested in a couple of pairs and have never looked back. Felco secateurs are not cheap …

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