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Jobs to do in the Garden in July

  Already we are in to mid summer and we’re thinking and planning what jobs to do in the garden in July. Hopefully all your gardens are looking and performing exactly how you wish them to. Your beds and borders are a riot of colour, oranges and golds are aflame, multi-hued lilies and dahlias are …

Bees and butterfly plants

Bees and Butterfly Plants

We have become much more aware in recent years of how delicate the whole ecosystem is. Decades of pesticides and chemicals use as well as bad practices within horticulture and farming has led to a crisis in bee and pollinator numbers. We can help revive, then sustain the insect population by growing more bees and …

How To Do

Fun Gardening Ideas for Kids

I am a strong advocate for engaging children in their outdoor surroundings, environment and gardens. There are endless great gardening ideas for children that will help you as parents, teachers, grandparents and family to give children a sound introduction to the joys of gardening. Fun Gardening Ideas for Kids I sometimes think in these days …
Garden Calendar

What Should I do in my Garden in June?

Summer has arrived, the days are longer, warmer, brighter. Lots of beautiful perennial plants are coming into bloom, gardens are becoming a riot of life and bold colour.  The grass is growing several inches per day it seems. People are asking me “what should I do in my Garden in June” There are numerous jobs …

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