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Rudbekia, a daisy like flower in golds and orange
How To Do

Autumn Plants Containers

  Autumn Plants Containers Some parts of the garden may be looking a little tired by the end of summer. Summer bedding has exhausted itself and flowers are starting to fade. Fear not fellow gardeners, I can assure you that there is no shortage of plants that you can choose to add instant Autumn interest …

How to build a website for dummies

How to Build a Website…for Dummies.

  How to Build a Website for Dummies I first decided that I wanted to create a website for my gardening business about 12 months ago. I wanted a beautiful website that was user-friendly and that would attract visitors to read further about gardening. I was also starting to think about my future income and …


Autumn is Her Name

She saunters in wearing sky high heels, auburn fired dresses. Titian curls and tresses swirl with a crisp cool breeze. Bedecked in amber, crimson, golden fury, winking jewels, emeralds, garnets, rubies. Eyes of jade, sparkling embers. Smokey, heated, earthy fragrance. She dances a coy rumba through the trees, shifts sensually, teasing the waving grass, breathes …
Spring Gardens

Spring Flowering Bulbs

  Spring Flowering Bulbs Now is the time to start buying your selection of spring flowering bulbs. I am always delighted when boxes packed full of bulbs start to arrive. And isn’t it fascinating how a dull, brown, papery bulb can become the most beautiful, eagerly awaited bloom? Sarah Raven has a beautiful range to …

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