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English Cottage Garden Design

What is National Gardening Week About?

  What Is National Gardening Week About? Whilst talking to clients this week and then friends over a coffee at my local garden nursery I was surprised to be asked “What is National Gardening week about?”  Well, for one thing it’s about bringing more awareness to folks about the importance of gardening, preserving gardening traditions …

Fantastic Foliage Plants. Fuchsia pink and lime green Coleus leaves. Fantastic Foliage Plants For Your Garden

Fantastic Foliage Plants For Your Garden

Fantastic Foliage Plants For Your Garden I don’t know about you but when I first started gardening, I was all about the flowers, instant colour and impact, as such I never considered fantastic foliage plants for your garden. I bought plants that were in bloom, a trick garden centres use to reel in the unwise. …

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