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How To Make A Rain Garden. A pond in the rain
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How to Make a Rain Garden

How To Make A Rain Garden What is a Rain Garden? A rain garden is suitable for any garden where there are roofs from which to collect rain water, house roof and the roofs of outbuildings. The ideal garden needs a slope of less than 10%. The best time of year to build a rain …

Rudbekia, a daisy like flower in golds and orange
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Autumn Plants Containers

  Autumn Plants Containers Autumn plants containers are just what You want them to be. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour and texture. There are no golden rules as far as I am concerned. Mix and match until you find a combination that pleases you. Some parts of your garden may be looking a …

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How to Grow Succulent Plants

  How To Grow Succulent Plants This is an introduction on a diverse and very interesting group of plants. How to grow succulent plants will guide you through what may become a lifelong addiction to this superb and highly adaptable species. Succulents are plants that store water. They grow in arid climates or arid soil conditions …

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