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Fun Gardening Ideas for Kids

I am a strong advocate for engaging children in their outdoor surroundings, environment and gardens. There are endless great gardening ideas for children that will help you as parents, teachers, grandparents and family to give children a sound introduction to the joys of gardening. Fun Gardening Ideas for Kids I sometimes think in these days …

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How do you Grow Roses? Secrets to Success

How do you grow roses? Roses are quintessentially English and to my mind a garden is not quite complete without them. The sheer diversity of roses, their colour, type, form and fragrance makes them an absolute essential addition to a garden. What could be more joyful than catching the perfume of roses on a summer …

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How to Make a Rain Garden

What is a Rain Garden? A rain garden is suitable for any garden where there are roofs from which to collect rain water, house roof and the roofs of outbuildings. The ideal garden needs a slope of less than 10%. The best time of year to build a rain garden is when it is reasonably …
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How to Combat Climate Change in your Garden

With the ever more noticeable problems of climate change comes the inevitable pressure for us to right some of the wrongs that we have inflicted on our environment. We have to take the matter of environmental awareness seriously. As gardeners we can look at various ways of how to combat climate change in our gardens …

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How to Grow Succulent Plants

Succulents are plants that store water. They grow in arid climates or arid soil conditions in areas that have little or no rainfall. They conserve water in their thick fleshy leaves or stems. This is an introduction on a diverse and very interesting group of plants. How to grow succulents will guide you through what …

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How to Grow a Clematis

How to grow a clematis is really very easy. Clematis are one of the most popular choice of climbing plant, as they are easy to grow and maintain. They are reliable climbers offering colour, scent and seasonal interest. You could have several clematis in flower each month of the year. With such a wide choice …
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How to Grow Plant Seeds. 5 Easy Steps

Through Autumn and Winter one of my favourite pastimes is browsing seed catalogues and online seed shops. Now is the time to start sowing some of the ones I obtained and also some that I collected from my garden. Read on to learn How to Grow Seeds   5 Easy Steps. For me planting seeds …

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