best spring lawn care tips

Best Spring Lawn Care Tips 6 Easy Steps To The Perfect Spring Lawn

March is the optimum time to start spending some time and effort in getting your lawn looking green and lush. Read on for the best spring lawn tips, 6 easy steps to the perfect spring lawn in your garden.

Maintenance on the lawn now will result in a healthy green velvet sward, worthy of any village bowling green. Weeds and moss will have their chances of becoming established well and truly thwarted. Don’t let the grass grow under your feet, start now for lawn perfection.



What Should You Do With Your Lawn In Spring?

After a long, wet winter in which your lawn may have suffered water logging, snow, heavy boots, squirrels digging holes in it, etc, it is time now to give the area some thought and prepare to give it some essential spring care and attention.

If you followed my autumn lawn maintenance in 5 Easy Steps then your lawns will have been left in a well maintained state before the onset of winter and now we need to rejuvenate them.

Perfect, lush, green lawns
Best Spring Lawn Care Tips 6 Easy Steps To The Perfect Spring Lawn

Best Spring Lawn Care Tips 6 Easy Steps To The Perfect Spring Lawn


If the lawn has been water logged, then it will greatly benefit from aerating, you can use a roller aerator or a fork to spike the lawn to allow air in and to open up the topsoil to allow better drainage and thereby reduce moss growth.


Rake the lawn with a spring-tine rake to remove any remaining leaf debris and other debris from the winter months.


The first cut should not be the deepest…set your mower to its highest setting and reduce the setting for each subsequent cut. Avoid mowing the lawn when it is wet or frosty as this will damage and weaken the grass. A dry sunny day is best. Empty the grass box regularly to avoid the mower from clogging.

On the first few cuts you could leave off the grass box and leave the clippings as they fall on the lawn. Worms will take this organic matter down into the deeper soil, there by improving the overall health of your lawn. It’s a natural way to aerate and feed. Aim to leave the clippings on the lawn in this way a few times during the spring and summer.

Bosch cordless mower review
Best Spring Lawn Care Tips 6 Easy Steps To The Perfect Spring Lawn


Late March to April is the best time to add a spring and summer lawn fertiliser.

This increases growth and helps to keep weeds and moss from becoming established.

Use the feed as per the manufacturers recommendations at a time when the soil is moist after rain.

The lawn may need watering if there has not been any rain within 48 hours after applying fertiliser.


If scarification was done in Autumn this would have reduced the amount of moss in the lawn.

Non-chemical, organic weed treatments are available and are a good control of moss, they include a fertiliser as well so you can feed and weed the lawn in one go.

I use Evergreen No Rake and have achieved good results with it. There are several other products too.

All these products can be used from March to October.


When you have succeeded in removing weeds and moss you may find that there are some bare patches that need over-seeding.

Or where grass is growing poorly or the lawn has suffered other winter damage.

Mid spring is a suitable time for over-seeding.

Choose a seed mix that is suitable, for example, for an area that has to withstand heavy use such as children playing or dogs running around, choose a hard wearing mix. For areas under trees you can buy a shade tolerant mix.

  • Fork over the surface to break up compacted soil
  • Rake over it to gain a fine surface
  • Sow grass seed at about 10-15g per square meter
  • Like rake over it to get the seed into the soil surface
  • Protect from birds if necessary
  • Water gently if no rain is forecast
  • Grass should start to sprout in about a week to 10 days

What Are The Best Tools For Spring Lawn Care?

I have written various product reviews/articles on lawn maintenance tools such as cordless lawn mowers, robotic lawn mowers, aerators and scarifies. For further information please refer to the following links.

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Robotic Lawn Mowers
Best Lawn Care Tips 6Easy Steps To The Perfect Spring Lawn
Robotic Lawn Mower


I hope that I have given you plenty of advice and guidance to help you with your diy spring lawn care,  to achieve a lovely, healthy lawn over the coming weeks.

As yet there aren’t masses of jobs to do every day in the garden but this is one task that if you start it now, your lawn will appreciate it and you will have a great lawn for all the family and your friends to enjoy and relax on throughout spring and summer.

Take a look at What should I do in the garden in March for other tasks to do this month.

Please share with friends and family and on social, let’s help everyone to bring their outdoor space to life.

If you have any further questions in regard to lawn health or any aspect of your gardens and plants then pop them in the comments box below, I always reply.

Happy Gardening

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