Best Wooden Garden Storage Sheds. Large wooden double door garden shed

6 Best Wooden Garden Storage Sheds Review

Do you sometimes bemoan the fact that you don’t have enough outside storage? Are you constantly trying to find garden tools and equipment because you don’t have the one dedicated shed?

Is your other half or family members grumbling that you fill the garage up with gardening things?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then you need to read 6 Best Wooden Garden Storage Sheds Review to find the ideal garden shed for all your gardening tools and accessories.

Garden storage sheds are essential if you want to keep everything to hand and they offer security for valuable items.

Installing a good quality storage unit means that you will never lose tools around the garden, they are safe and secure under lock and key. Garden equipment is just one group of household items that thieves target so keeping them secure is paramount.

Garden Buildings Direct have a wide range of sheds from small to large, I am certain that you will find one that is most suited for your storage requirements. Whether you own acres of garden that you use ride on mowers and large maintenance tools to keep those acres shipshape or you have a small patio area, there is a size shed that will be perfect

Erecting a new garden storage shed is a relatively simple enterprise, providing you have a suitable base ready for it to go on and a few basic tools. All sheds from building direct come supplied with fixtures, fitting sand instructions.

Over the years I have had two sheds from buildings direct, friends and clients have bought sheds from them too. I have no hesitation in recommending them to you-my readers.

Garden storage sheds from gardening buildings direct are available in many sizes, so do make sure that you check and double check the correct measurement of the area where your new shed is to go. Storage accessories are available too to make your shed ideal for what you need to store in it, for example racks, shelving, type of flooring and guttering. Good quality security locks are available to order as well.

Paint finish/colour and preservatives can be ordered alongside your storage shed order. I feel that this is a great additional service as it means you don’t have to go out to buy it separately. It is recommended that you apply paint/timber preserves prior to building your shed.

UK Delivery is free on many items over a certain amount spend.

So without further ado let’s take a look at what they have on offer.


Large Wooden Garden Storage Sheds

Pro Apex Log Cabin

Large wooden double door garden shed
6 Best Wooden Garden Storage Sheds

Perfectly suitable for large gardens with ample storage for mowers, tools, garden furniture and much more. Your cordless lawn mowers, hedge trimmers etc and all manner of home and garden power tools can be stored safely and securely. Add electric power to your shed and cordless tools can easily be charged in their as well, keeping chargers and accessories all in one place.

This storage cabin is offered in sizes from:

W2.1m x D2.4m to a whopping W2.4m x D4.5m

There is an option of single or double doors and two different wall thickness options 19mm or 28mm

Log Cabin Windowless Heavy Duty Storage Shed

Flat roof large wooden garden storage shed
Log Cabin Garden Storage Shed

Strength and security comes with the interlocking tongue and groove boards.

Single or double doors are an option, both are fully boarded for added strength.

This log cabin is offered in sizes from

W2.4m x D2.1m to W4.5m x D2.4m with two gable width choices.


Compact Garden Storage Sheds

Overlap Apex Shed

Compact Garden Storage Shed
Compact Garden Storage Sheds

A traditional style shed that comes in four compact sizes with ample room for your garden storage needs.

It features a rustic overlap panel build with Tongue and Groove boarded single door. It is windowless for security and privacy with a solid sheet roof. Secure storage for all your garden power tools such as cordless garden pruning saws.

This shed is factory timber treated.

Available in sizes from

3ft x 4ft to 8ft x 6ft

Space Saving Tall Store

Sentry Box Style Garden Shed
Sentry Box Style Garden Store

Even in a small garden you will have tools and equipment that needs to be kept tidy and secure.

This sentry box type shed offers plenty of storage for just that garden.

Shelving and compact spacing makes this is a versatile shed and ideal for keeping your garden tidy and attractive but at the same time gives a home to all your gardening and outdoor tools.

Available in two sizes

3ft x 2ft and 3ft x 3ft


Garden Stores and Bike Storage

Apex Bike Store

Apex Roof Bike Garden Store
Apex Roof Bike Garden Store

If you’re looking for bike storage solutions then this is the one for you. It has enough room for several adults or childrens push-bikes. It is versatile enough to use as garden tool storage or log store.

Tongue and Groove construction for strength and security, and double doors

This great value store comes in several sizes with racking for helmets and other equipment.

Available in sizes from

3ft x 6ft to 4ft x 8ft

Tongue and Groove Pent Store

Pent Roof Bike Garden Store
Pent Roof Bike Garden Store

Another great value storage solution for tools, logs, outdoor furniture/equipment or bikes

The pent roof store is roomy and has all the expected quality and security of a Tongue and Groove construction. Handy storage solutions for any garden.

Available in two sizes

6ft x 3ft or 6ft x 4ft



You’re sure to find the ideal garden storage shed with enough space for all your tools, bikes and equipment to fit any size garden.

You can also find summer houses, workshops, garden offices, garden furniture and greenhouses at garden buildings directs so take a look now, you won’t be disappointed with the wide choice and build quality  available.

I advise that valuable garden tools and equipment should be included on insurance policies, and beware that if such items do go missing when they have been left unsecured in gardens then some insurance companies will not pay out. So it pays to invest in adequate outdoor storage with suitable, strong locks to keep thing safe and secure.

For further information read the following article on garden security safe practices.


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