Box of fresh vegetables Grow your own easy vegetables and fruit

Top 12 Easy to Grow Vegetables and Fruit

  Top 12 Easy to Grow Vegetables and Fruit There are many reasons to grow your own, easy vegetables and fruit at home. It’s more satisfying, homegrown produce tastes delicious, no miles, no need to go shopping, no added chemicals, organic, grow your family favourites, good exercise, motivation for children to garden, gardening is good …


Electric Weed Burner

  Best Electric Weed Burner Review   The Best Place to Buy The best price I have found is at Amazon Product Details Electric weed burner. Ideal for patios, paved areas and driveways. Environmentally friendly. Eliminates the use of harmful chemicals. Easy to use. Two heat settings. 12 month guarantee.   Do Electric Weed Burners Work? …

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Ryobi OLM1833H ONE+ Lawn Mower, 18 V Review

Ryobi OLM1833H ONE+ Cordless Lawn Mower I’ve used a Ryobi lawn mower for many years, I have had two in my time as a professional gardener, so even though they are built primarily for domestic use, being used at the most probably once a week in the spring and summer months, I have used mine …

The Secret Lives Of Garden Bees Book front cover.

The Secret Lives of Garden Bees Book Review

    The Secret Lives of Garden Bees Author Jean Vernon Published by Pen and Sword Books Ltd Foreword by Brigit Strawbridge Howard Have you ever wondered about the bees in your garden, what type they are or where they live? Do they all make honey or like the same flowers? If you have pondered …


Welcome Home Spring

Young, fresh, Exuding irresistible naivety; A melange of Eau de N’il Charmeuse and wild fern. Bubbling childlike giggles and twirling carousels, Immune to Winter’s depravity. Her fragrance is pink, peach blossom, bursting into bloom and sweet scented grass, but for all that there’s strength, determination and a warrior light in her eyes. Knowing how eagerly she …

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What Jobs to do in the Garden in April

  What Jobs To Do In The Garden In April Spring is officially here, we’ve had the spring Equinox and British Summertime has begun. Nature is of course well ahead of any human intervention. She has been showing us Springtime for many a week. Trees are budding vivid green, daffodils are dancing cheerfully, birds are …
Spring Gardens

Plants For Spring Colour

Plants For Spring Colour Welcome Spring with Open Arms Spring is on her way…at least she is here in the UK. I want to talk about some staple perennial plants and shrubs that will soon start to give glorious colour, fragrance and joy to your spring garden and with love and a little attention will …


Best Felco Secateurs review

Best Felco Secateurs Review Why Felco Secateurs Are The Best When I first started gardening I bought, broke and lost several different types of secateurs. Secateurs that were neither strong nor durable. Then I discovered Felco secateurs and cutting tools, I invested in a couple of pairs and have never looked back. Felco secateurs are …

Spring Gardens

Best Plants for Hanging Baskets

There is something quite wonderful about seeing a hanging basket or half wall basket brimming over with beautifully colourful plants and flowers. They are perfect for adding interest, height and colour at eye level to patios, balconies, doorways and walls.  March and April are the months in which to think about planting them up, giving …

A man using a cordless hedge trimmer . Best cordless hedge trimmer reviews

The Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer Reviews

  The Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer Reviews – Can They Cut It? Having a versatile range of well maintained garden tools is paramount to taking good care of your plants and garden all year round. Both hand tools and power tools are necessary items. Small hedges can be trimmed with hand held shears or small …

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