Easy Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

Easy Low Maintenance Garden Ideas We all lead busy lives, juggling careers, children, family, entertainment and work commitments which means we don’t always have a lot of time to spend gardening or looking after our outdoor space. Some may not even particularly enjoy gardening but wish for their space to look inviting, they still desire …

Large wooden double door garden shed

6 Best Wooden Garden Storage Sheds Review

Garden storage sheds are essential if you want to keep everything to hand and they offer security for valuable items.

Installing a good quality storage unit means that you will never lose tools around the garden, they are safe and secure under lock and key.

Engraved garden hand tools and storage bag, 10 Great Father’s Day gardening gift ideas
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10 Great Father’s Day Gardening Gifts Ideas

  10 Great Fathers Day Gardening Gift Ideas   Are you looking for a unique gift for Dad and GrandDad? Find something quirky, useful or decorative for the garden that Dads will appreciate. The tools he has always wanted, the silly ornaments to delight and amuse as well as more plants that a true gardener …

Blue flowering comfrey Best Organic Fertiliser To Help Your Garden Grow
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Best Organic Fertiliser To Help Your Garden Grow

  The Best Organic Fertiliser To Help Your Garden Grow. Now more than ever we are becoming aware of the damage that has been wrought on the environment and on our health by using harmful chemicals in our gardens in the desire to produce perfect blooms and vegetables. We can make a big impact on …

Gardening Apron and garden tools in a canvas bag

12 Cool Handmade Gifts For Gardeners

12 Cool Handmade Gifts For Gardeners Are you looking for gifts for the garden lover in your life? Or do you simply love quirky garden-themed items for yourself? Whilst searching for a gift for a friend I came across these cool, handmade gifts for gardeners from the Etsy pages. I decided to share them here …

Box of fresh vegetables Grow your own easy vegetables and fruit

Funky Veg Kit by Plant Theatre

  Funky Veg Kit by Plant Theatre With the current world wide situation of lockdowns and uncertainty, many of you are trying your hand at gardening for the first time. The trend in sowing, growing and enjoying home grown vegetables has grown exponentially in the last few months. I hope to help and inspire you …

Robotic Lawn Mowers

5 Best Robotic Lawn Mowers Review

  Robotic Lawn Mowers Review   As a professional gardener I am always on the look out for ways to improve my work day and to also provide a better service to my clients. I also try to be as environmentally friendly as I possibly can within my work. I have invested in cordless, rechargeable …


Poetry From The Summer Garden

The Summer Garden Vibrant, every colour under the sun. Bursting with pride, exuberant ballroom gowns of frills and flounce. She’s a Débutante, she flirts and dances with the breeze; laughs and lifts her face to taste the gentle rain. Violet eyes of Summer skies, long flowing, bouncing curls the colour of burnished gold. Petticoat swirls… …
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What Jobs To Do In The Garden In June

What Jobs To Do In The Garden In June   Summer has arrived, the days are longer, warmer, brighter. Lots of beautiful perennial plants are coming into bloom, gardens are becoming a riot of life and bold colour.  The grass is growing several inches per day it seems. People are asking me “what should I …


What to do on a Staycation

  What To Do On A Staycation In the current lockdown situation here in the UK and in Europe and further afield, many of us have are experiencing an  enforced staycation. People are off work unless they are key workers or they cannot work from home and have to go to their workplace. With all …

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