What jobs to do in the garden in October


What Jobs To Do In The Garden In October

October already and following a beautiful summer here in the UK there are still lots of growth in the borders and the lawns. You may be asking what jobs to do in the garden in October.

The formal start to autumn is the autumn equinox which is towards the end of September. So we are well into this most stunning, wind-down season.

It will soon be All Hallows’ Eve with pumpkins at the ready for carving fancy lanterns.

If you have been following and reading my recent Autumn blogs then you may well have lots of fantastic colour and your gardens are still going strong.

I hope so, there is nothing better than a garden full of autumnal form and interest.

On a crisp, chilly morning it gladdens the heart to see our gardens doing well, flowers will entice us outdoors.

Gardening is good for you at any point in the year.

So let’s take a look at what jobs to do in the garden in October. Believe me there is plenty to occupy us.


Beds And Borders

Keep on top of tidying the borders, perennials can now be cut back.

Mulch borders with compost, well-rotted manure or bark chippings in order to keep weeds down, retain moisture and it looks nice.

Continue to split any congested perennials. This will help to keep plants healthy and produce new ones for you to fill any gaps with or organise a plant swap with friends.

Try some new autumn plants to give further long-lasting autumn colour in the borders or in containers.

Large flower beds with rudbeckia and Japanese anenome
What Jobs to do in the Garden in October

Protect half-hardy plants against frosts with Horticultural fleece.

Planting Trees And Shrubs In Autumn

Autumn is the best time to plant new ornamental trees or shrubs, particularly bare root roses.

The soil still retains its summer warmth and new roots have time to establish before there is any frost.

Keep newly planted trees and shrubs well watered in their first year.

Autumn is the best time to lightly prune deciduous trees and shrubs, remove any dead or diseased limbs and branches. Pruning helps to keep shrubs healthy, in shape and from growing too large.

Prune climbing and rambling roses and tie into their supports. Best cordless electric secateurs review

Leave shrub roses until later in the year to prune.


Autumn Lawn Care

Continue to mow the lawn in mild areas where it will still grow.

Keep the edges tidy.

If you have a deep coverage of leaves on the lawn, where they have possibly blown into piles or drifts then I would recommend clearing them.  Large clumps of leaves will become wet and compacted and can damage grassed areas. If there is just a continual smattering of leaf fall then I suggest that you mulch them with the mower and leave them on the lawn as they will break down easily and provide a natural feed for the turf. Check out my what-is-the-best-leaf-blower/ review.

Lawns can become compacted, autumn is a good time to aerate and scarify.


For further information read Autumn Lawn Maintenance in 5 Easy Steps

General Garden Autumn Maintenance

Leaf clearing, keep collected leaves to make leaf mulch or add them to the composting.

Keep on top of weeding, particularly paved areas, driveways, patios etc and borders. An electric weeder is a great tool  for this job. Check out my Electric weeder burner review

Clean the greenhouse.

Cut back and clear overgrown or overhanging plants from pathways so that these areas are safely accessible through winter.

Remove drip irrigation systems and drain them down, clean and store them to use again next year.

Hose pipes too, can be drained and stored

Check outbuildings, sheds, storage areas and greenhouses for any necessary repairs or maintenance to keep them waterproof and safe for the winter months.

Give hedges and shrubs a trim to keep them maintained, tidy and healthy. Best cordless hedge trimmer review.

A small summer house in a walled garden
Maintain outbuildings, summerhouses and greenhouses

Vegetables And Fruit

You may well have lots of fruit to harvest from apple and pear trees and prune fruit trees.

Cut back fruited raspberry canes to the ground, also fruited stems of blackberry and loganberry can be pruned and tie in new growth.

Prepare the ground now for runner beans next year, dig trenches and fill with manure and compost.

Any last remaining beans and peas should be picked. When beans are finished cut the stems down to the ground and leave the roots in the ground, they will release valuable nitrogen into the soil.

Cover cauliflower heads, protect them from frost by pulling their leaves around them

Bring citrus trees indoors to a warm, light room such as a conservatory or heated greenhouse.


Vegetables To Grow In Autumn

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Kale
  • PacChoi
  • Beetroot
  • Radishes
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Peas
  • Asparagus
  • Late salad crops

Flower Seeds To Grow In October

  • Allium
  • Monarda
  • Poppy
  • Nemesia
  • Scabiosa
  • Nigella
  • Cowslips
  • Calandula


For more seeds to sow now take a look at UK based small independent company Stocks and Green



Future Planning For Your Garden

Make your own compost.

See how to make compost for the garden.


Organise seed packets

Continue planting spring flowering bulbs

Take hardwood cuttings from deciduous shrubs.

Buy protective fleece ready to use on delicate plants.

If you are planting a Wildflower meadow and haven’t yet prepare the ground, do so now. Scarify large areas of grass to reduce the amount of grass that grows and see my wild-flower-garden-ideas/

Jobs to do immediately? Right now? I advise a nice cup of coffee, put your feet up and enjoy your garden for a while. The jobs will be there to do later don’t worry, be happy.

Listen to the birds singing and let the sun in the trees lift your soul. Visit gardens too, a walk around gardens, woodlands or Arboretums gives you a huge lift as nature works to release your anxieties and worries. Take a stroll, time out and relax and enjoy.

Please share this article with friends and family and on social media, they might like some tips on what jobs to do in the garden in October too.

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Happy Gardening

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