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What Jobs To Do In The Garden In July. Alstroemeria Indian Summer
Garden Calendar

What Jobs to do in the Garden in July

  What Jobs To Do In the Garden In July Mid Summer already, and the borders this month are looking a treat, here at PlantsBulbsSeeds we’re thinking and planning what jobs to do in the garden in July. Hopefully all your gardens are looking and performing exactly how you wish them to. Your beds and borders …

What Jobs To Do In The Garden In June.
Garden Calendar

What Jobs To Do In The Garden In June

What Jobs To Do In The Garden In June   Summer has arrived, the days are longer, warmer, brighter. Lots of beautiful perennial plants are coming into bloom, gardens are becoming a riot of life and bold colour. The grass is growing several inches per day it seems. People are asking me What Jobs To …

Full sun Perennials that Bloom AllSummer. hemerocallis
Summer Gardens

Full Sun Perennials that Bloom all Summer

  Full Sun Perennials That Bloom All Summer What I love about this time of year is the anticipation of seeing all the glorious, full sun perennials that bloom all summer, affording us sumptuous garden displays. Winter seems such a long time ago and the lovely summer months are ahead of us. Most of the …

Plants For Spring Colour. Bright pink camellia flower.
Spring Gardens

Plants For Spring Colour

Plants For Spring Colour Welcome Spring with Open Arms Spring is on her way…at least she is here in the UK. I want to talk about some staple plants for spring colour, perennial plants and shrubs that will soon start to give glorious colour, fragrance and joy to your spring garden and with love and …

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