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She Is Winter… Poetry for Garden Lovers

She Is Winter Alabaster skin, refined delicacy opalescent as Mother of pearl. Sapphire glints on ice, Silver locks, adorned with snowflakes all aswirl. Iridescent. Poignant, tinkling, musical laughter, Icicle fingers dripping diamonds, Sunlight sparkles brilliant; Blue topaz on Quartz. Deliciously cool nickelled light. Frosty, haughty, immune. Irresistible. She Is Winter… For more garden poetry by …

Tiny seedlings growing in compost, 6 Best Seed propagators review

Electric Heated Propagator

  6 Of The Best Seed Propagators Review February and onwards into spring is the perfect time to start sowing seeds, for flowers and vegetables alike. If you have been following my Garden Calendar articles you will have an extensive list of what can be sown each month. Whether you love to grow your own …

Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robotic Lawn Mowers Review

As a professional gardener I am always on the look out for ways to improve my work day and to also provide a better service to my clients. I also try to be as environmentally friendly as I possibly can within my work. I have invested in cordless, rechargeable mowers in order to cut down …

white clematis flower. How to grow clematis
How To Do

How to Grow a Clematis

  How to Grow a Clematis  Clematis are one of, if not the most popular choice of climbing plant, as they are easy to grow and maintain. They are reliable, hardy climbers offering colour, scent and seasonal interest. I am often ask me how to care for clematis plants. They are not high maintenance plants, …

Hostas, plants that like a shade garden.

Plants That Like A Shade Garden

Plants That Like A Shade Garden   We all have a shady corner or aspect in our gardens and whether you are looking for plants for a whole garden that has a North facing aspect or for planting under trees and hedges in a small shady area, then these plants that like a shade garden …

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