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Autumn is Her Name

She saunters in wearing sky high heels, auburn fired dresses. Titian curls and tresses swirl with a crisp cool breeze. Bedecked in amber, crimson, golden fury, winking jewels, emeralds, garnets, rubies. Eyes of jade, sparkling embers. Smokey, heated, earthy fragrance. She dances a coy rumba through the trees, shifts sensually, teasing the waving grass, breathes …


A Rose is not Rose…..

The Rose and the Thorn… A rose has thorns as do we, grown for protection. Be wary, show respect, those thorns draw blood. I see roses in flower shops stripped of life stripped of thorns, stripped of protection, but they aren’t right…an aura of sadness surrounds them. Easier to handle I grant you… their feistiness …


Every Day Stresses

Gardening for Well-being, Why Gardening is Good for your Health. Every Day Stresses and every day strains plague us all but sit quietly in a garden, a slight breeze shifts the air, or work the soil ready to plant. Deep ,dark earth giving birth, tiny seedlings push through. Soft rain, warm sun, together, aid growth …

Gardening Poetry


There… I can sense it, just below the surface, buds about to break. Spires spike through pungent earth, Spring will birth her lovliness.                                                                 …

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