A Walk in the Woods

A walk in the woods, join me if you wish

as I stroll past fountains in the garden.

Down a sweeping lawn, through a kissing gate.

I turn to wait,

holding out my hand

for you to take,

as we enter into

cool serene green.

A carpet of bluebells,

the flowers crushed beneath our passing feet

release their fragrance,

beguiling and sweet.

The scent blends and lingers

with damp earth

fresh, youthful, floral.

A rustle in the undergrowth,

the scuttling of nature.

Birds overhead cry out,

chattering at the disturbance,

flitting around in abundance.

Their musical exuberance is


Sunlight slants through the trees

shadows playing, changing.

A breeze whispers in otherwise limpid air,

lifting tendrils of hair,

cooling your skin.


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Debutantes and Daisies: A Bouquet of Poetry  © Louisa Owen


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