Gardening for better health and wellbeing. Happy girl in a flower meadow. Gardening For Better Health And Wellbeing

Gardening For Better Health And Wellbeing


I want to express a warm welcome to all the new gardeners out there, I am sure that you are finding gardening for better health and wellbeing is the way forward.

This year has been difficult and stressful in many ways. There has also been many positive outcomes too, one of which is that more people have taken to gardening.

Nature has a positive impact on our mental health.

I hope that as time goes on you will continue to learn more about your outdoor spaces, plants, gardening, and will find that there is a wealth of subjects within the world of horticulture.

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Acer tree with filtered sunlight. Gardening for better health and wellbeing
Gardening Is Good For You
Gardening For Better Health And Wellbeing

Is Gardening Good For You?

The simple answer is a resounding ‘Yes’ Gardening is good for you.

Gardening for Well-Being, Why Gardening is good for you.

The benefits of gardening are numerous, not only for your health both physically and mentally but for the environment in general.

The more green spaces we have, the better we feel.

Gardening health statistics show that we gain calmness, peace and quiet. Our minds slow down and we tend to stop worrying about everything that is going on in our lives.

We live in busy times, whether at work or home. We have so many things that we want to achieve or feel the need to do. Often, several things at a time.

Spending time with plants, flowers or out in a natural environment helps us to take stock of the important things in life.

Growing your own vegetables and fruit is an invaluable job to do. Having a wealth of tasty, fresh, organic food has to be better for your health than supermarket veg. Better for the environment too and helps with climate change. There aren’t many miles from plot to plate.

Being a member of an allotment or community garden helps you to keep in touch with people, there is a sense of camaraderie. You can gain more knowledge too from other gardeners, tips and advice are usually forthcoming from fellow allotmenteers.

Children love to grow their own veggies and fruit and you will find that they will eat more healthy greens too when they have grown them themselves.

Fun Gardening Ideas For Kids

Involve your children or grandchildren with gardening and you give them an interest for life. A hobby at least or in best cases a love of horticulture and myriad career choices.

Create Private Space And Harmony For You

Creating a harmonious and private space is key to having somewhere to be, to tune out from the hustle and bustle.

Just 20 minutes or so a day in the garden will help you to wind down and let your mind go quiet. You don’t have to be doing anything, make a cuppa and listen to the birds, or watch the trees moving with the breeze. Take a deep breath and enjoy the surrounding scents. Touch your plants and feel how they help to calm your soul.

Blue and red bench with a blue fence in a garden.
Gardening For Heath And Wellbeing. Benefits Of Gardening

Plants can help to alleviate anxiety, stress, depression and actively improve your mood as well as your environment.

Best Plants To Combat Pollution In Your Garden

Sitting quietly, for a few minutes will allow your brain to calm after a busy day.

I usually find that I start to do something, pull weeds, deadhead, tidy up.

I like to walk around the garden to see what shoots are coming up, whether bulbs are starting to show, etc.

Being outdoors and seeing/touching greenery is the main thing for me.

As we know, there are many plants with medicinal properties but all plants heal me mentally.

If you have the space in your garden to create a private area, all the better.

A quiet corner, by a wall, with trees shielding you from neighbouring properties, gives you an instant feeling of intimacy.

Of a space that is yours.

You can use climbing plants, potted plants, garden pergolas, umbrellas and screens to help create this personal, private area.

Or simply a bench by a hedge, that isn’t overlooked will do the trick just as well.

A small patio, yard or balcony is useful too. There are so many ways in which to add plants to these smaller areas. Use attractive containers for your favourite plants or vegetables. You will gain the benefits of gardening just as easily as with a large garden.

Gardens To Visit

Whether you have a garden of your own or not, you can improve your physical and mental health by going to gardens and being in natural environments.

Visiting Forests, woodlands, parks and gardens have a positive effect on your health. Being out in the fresh air, whatever the weather is good for us. Enjoy the autumn and winter months, make the most of the places around you.

Visit for great gardens to visit.

There are loads of parks, gardens, woodlands etc that are free to enter. The local countryside is free, so there is no excuse for not getting out there and enjoying all that nature has to offer.

The best and most cost effective way of visiting charity, private or botanical gardens to take up an RHS membership or National Trust membership.

For further details on both of these take a look at the following review articles.

RHS Membership

National Trust Membership review 8 Great Reasons To Join

Do Plants Increase Happiness?

Several studies show that plants do indeed increase happiness.

Not only do they improve air quality by cutting pollution levels but they can boost your mood too.

As mentioned above they can help to reduce anxiety and depression.

Growing houseplants in your office for example improves positive energy and increases productivity.

Studies show that anxiety is decreased in people who work in an environment with plants, whether outdoors or indoors.

Plants can reduce noise levels, thereby relieving stress and helping to create a calm, peaceful environment to live or work in.

And let’s not forget the pure joy of picking a fresh homegrown tomato or strawberry, the fragrance, the taste, the feeling of accomplishment are second to none for making you happy.

Some lovely examples of happiness boosting plants are:


Feng Shui experts believe that orchids provide positive energy. They also help to purify the air.


Lavender has known properties that help to reduce stress and aid sleep.


Beautiful flowers and fragrance go hand in hand to put a smile on your face.

Pale Peach Rose. Do Plants Increase Happiness?
Do Plants Increase Happiness?


Bright yellow, cheerful, dancing flowers, what’s not to love?


The harbinger of spring. I have some right outside my front door so when I see snowdrops popping up through the snow or dark soil I know that spring is on her way.


Bright cheery colours tend to brighten our mood. Their gentle fragrance enhances our mood too. They are easy to grow, practically anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

Peace lily

Simply the name seems to make people happy.


I love to see the new leaves start to unfurl, their feathery fronds make these a lovely touchy-feely plant.


Trees provide never ending happiness, walking around forests or woodland always affords me positive vibes.

Sometimes their sheer beauty makes me emotional…that’s a good thing too.

Try tree hugging next time you’re out and about.

Basically any plant, flower, tree or garden that you love to see, smell, taste or touch improves your mood.


Gardening Health Statistics

RHS studies for further information.

Gardening health statistics show that gardening is good for you, so well done to all of you and very best wishes from me.

Let’s all continue gardening for better health and wellbeing and reap the benefits of the seeds we sow.

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Keep on growing together.

Thank you for reading

Happy Gardening

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