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Basket of heirloom vegetables. Gardening with heirloom seeds and plants

Gardening With Heirloom Seeds and Plants

  Gardening With Heirloom Seeds and Plants With many struggling through this years restrictions and lock downs, gardening has become a saving grace for a lot of people, myself included. You achieve an even bigger sense of calm and satisfaction when gardening with heirloom seeds and plants, in this article I will explain why. If …

Wild Flower Garden Ideas

  Wildflower Garden Ideas Who doesn’t love a wildflower meadow or a swathe of wild colour by the roadside? Or a ripe cornfield dotted with scarlet poppies? Who recalls, as a child making daisy chains or holding a buttercup under their chin to test whether they like butter? Or told the time by blowing away …

Sunflowers in a jug placed outdoors on a table. Cutting flowers garden plants

Choosing The Best Cutting Flower Garden Plants

  Choosing The Best Cutting Flower Garden Plants We all love to see a colourful display of flowers, arranged beautifully in vases, bowls, jugs, urns or any other decorative pot. We are enthralled by rich, exotic and flamboyant wedding and celebratory flowers in venues, churches and bouquets but have you ever tried to develop and …


Easy Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

Easy Low Maintenance Garden Ideas We all lead busy lives, juggling careers, children, family, entertainment and work commitments which means we don’t always have a lot of time to spend gardening or looking after our outdoor space. Some may not even particularly enjoy gardening but wish for their space to look inviting, they still desire …

Gardening Apron and garden tools in a canvas bag

12 Cool Handmade Gifts For Gardeners

12 Cool Handmade Gifts For Gardeners Are you looking for gifts for the garden lover in your life? Or do you simply love quirky garden-themed items for yourself? Whilst searching for a gift for a friend I came across these cool, handmade gifts for gardeners from the Etsy pages. I decided to share them here …


What to do on a Staycation

  What To Do On A Staycation In the current lockdown situation here in the UK and in Europe and further afield, many of us have are experiencing an  enforced staycation. People are off work unless they are key workers or they cannot work from home and have to go to their workplace. With all …

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