Freestanding garden awning. Why an awning is the perfect addition to your garden

Why An Awning Is The Perfect Addition To Your Garden

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Why an Awning is the Perfect Addition to Your Garden

Although it might seem a distant dream with the snowy conditions we’ve been facing in the UK recently, now is the perfect time to start considering an awning for your garden or outside area. With days slowly but surely getting lighter and the weather starting to change, we’ll soon be spending more time outside again and enjoying the summer sun. Hopefully!

Why an awning is the perfect addition to your garden
Don’t move, improve. Why an awning is the perfect addition to your garden.

So what are the different types of awning available for your garden? And what are the key benefits to having a garden awning? Roche Awnings have shared their thoughts below:

Different Types Of Awnings

Semi-Cassette Awnings

A semi-cassette awning provides a partial covering for the awning fabric, arm and any mechanisms. They’re considered the perfect solution for more sheltered gardens and patios. When a semi-cassette awning is collapsed, the front of the fabric will still be hanging out the front and this may get damaged in extreme weather.

Full-Cassette Awnings

Designed to keep your awning enclosed from all types of weather, the full-cassette awning provides a fully enclosed space for your awning and its mechanisms. One of the benefits to a full-cassette awning is that it compliments your exterior perfectly as it’s hardly noticeable when closed.

Open Awning

Considered an entry-level awning, an open awning is perfect for those who have a smaller budget. Offering minimal protection against the weather, they are an ideal solution for locations with under wall projections, overhanging roof or balcony ceilings. They still offer the same amount of protection from sun and weather as it’s cassette counterparts.

Freestanding Awning

freestanding awning protects your garden for protection from sun and rain without the restriction of it being mounted to a wall. These are perfect for those who have a large garden or would like to protect their flower beds from the elements. These are portable so you can move these around your garden when required.

Benefits Of Garden Awnings

Garden awnings have multiple benefits that you may not have considered.

Adding an awning can be the perfect solution for many dilemmas regarding your outdoor space. An awning does a lot more than just offering protection from the unpredictable British weather…

Protection From The Weather

When the sun comes out in the UK, it’s a blessing however more times than not this can turn into a nuisance as an area can get too hot to sit in or it can even ruin your outdoor furniture. Installing a garden awning can provide the ultimate solution for creating outdoor shade for you and your family to enjoy the summer heats whilst still being protected from the UV rays.

Whether you’re aiming at creating an alfresco dining experience or somewhere for you to relax after a long afternoon of gardening, a shaded area can reduce the temperature around 20 degrees which is perfect during the infamous recent British heat waves.

Extending Indoor Space

Installing an awning which is attached to your wall allows you to expand your living space and essentially gives you an extra room. Although installing an awning won’t dramatically increase the price of your home it will improve your kerb appeal as well as the enjoyment that your family and friends will get out of this area.

Not only will it provide shade and shelter, if you choose to add furniture to your outside space, this will also be better protected against the wind, rain and sun.

It’s also a great area where you can host some evening entertainment on those long summer evenings. Providing your guests with a place to relax and sit near the BBQ and spend longer in an area surrounded by nature.

Energy Saving

When the summer sun hits, your house will absorb all the heat and this makes your room incredibly uncomfortable during the evening.

Whilst you could consider installing an air conditioner unit, this is an expensive option for both installation and running costs. They’re also not very environmentally friendly which isn’t an ideal solution for anyone who is looking at reducing their carbon footprint.

Installing an awning or canopy can protect your home from the full force of the sun as it shades your windows during the day, meaning that the heat is no longer absorbed in your home and your home is comfortable in the evenings.

Compliment Your Garden

Perfect garden awnings. The benefits of a garden awning.
The benefits of a garden awning.

You’ve spent time maintaining the exterior of your home and you’ll want to make sure that installing an awning doesn’t ruin the look of your home. Luckily, awnings come in a wide variety of colours and finishes to compliment your home perfectly.

Depending on your choice of cassette, your awning will have minimum impact on your decor when fully enclosed.

From bright colours to modest finishes, you don’t have to settle for boring when choosing an awning.

Easy To Store and Use

When you’re not using your awning, it can simply be rolled away or retracted with minimal impact on your daily life. When you want to open up your awning, use the simple to use mechanics, or in some cases a remote control, and enjoy your additional covering in no time.

Adding an awning to your garden is the perfect way to increase your shade and coverage for every occasion. Roche Awnings are one the UK’s leading awning and glass extension specialists.

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