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What Jobs To Do In The Garden In July. Alstroemeria Indian Summer
Garden Calendar

What Jobs to do in the Garden in July

  What Jobs To Do In the Garden In July Mid Summer already, and the borders this month are looking a treat, here at PlantsBulbsSeeds we’re thinking and planning what jobs to do in the garden in July. Hopefully all your gardens are looking and performing exactly how you wish them to. Your beds and borders …

Visit RHS Bridgewater Gardens

Visit RHS Bridgewater Gardens

  Visit RHS Bridgewater Gardens Part of my holiday this year was to visit RHS Bridgewater Gardens, so, on a warm sunny September morning I drove into the car park at RHS Bridgewater, and experienced my first “Wow” moment of the day. There were many more such moments throughout the day. The welcome building is …

The Best Cordless Patio Weeders Review , Stone patio slabs

The Best Cordless Patio Weeders Review

The Best Cordless Patio Weeders Review Are you tired of back-breaking, laborious weeding jobs? The Cordless Patio Weeder may be exactly what you are looking for. Put an end to labour-intensive weeding with this innovative cordless garden tool. Cordless garden tools are easy to use all around the garden. You are not limited to how …

Heart shaped hanging baskets
Spring Gardens

Best Plants for Hanging Baskets

Best Plants For Hanging Baskets I am often asked what are the best plants for hanging baskets. There are many to choose from and your own favourite bedding plants and trailing plants will probably fit the bill perfectly. There is something quite wonderful about seeing a hanging basket or half wall basket brimming over with …

Best plants for garden ponds Water lily

Best Plants For Garden Ponds

  Best Plants For Garden Ponds Plants will provide visual interest to your pond, they encourage wildlife and help keep the water clear of blanket weeds and algae. Choosing the best plants for garden ponds increases your enjoyment of them. A pond and its subsequent planting will improve the biodiversity of your outdoor space, making …

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