There is something quite wonderful about seeing a hanging basket or half wall basket brimming over with beautifully colourful plants and flowers. They are perfect for adding interest, height and colour at eye level to patios, balconies, doorways and walls. £5 off all pre-planted hanging baskets £5 off All Pre-Planted hanging baskets

If you don’t have a garden then hanging baskets or containers are the ideal way of having some plants around you to enjoy. Ideas for Spring Containers

They can be filled with any number of suitable plants not only for summer but for all the year round.

They are easy to do and with some simple, daily maintenance and watering they will give pleasure to you, your family and friends and most importantly they will also provide habitat and food to insects and pollinators for many months.

When placed by front doors and entrance ways they immediately add curb appeal to your property.


You will need.

  • A hanging basket or hanging container
  • Liner
  • Good quality compost
  • A selection of plants
  • Water retention granules
  • Wall brackets


Choosing a Hanging Basket.

Choosing the right kind of basket is part of the fun and pretty much entirely based on your tastes, things to consider are size, material, quality and where the basket is going to be positioned.

There are an endless number of baskets or hanging containers to choose from.
Selection of Hanging Baskets

If you decide on a solid container such as plastic or ceramic then select one that has some drainage holes.

  • Wire/Metal
  • Rattan/ wicker or other natural materials.
  • Plastic
  • Ceramic

What you do need also is some type of liner as this will prevent compost from spilling out and will help with water retention. This is an essential component for a successful, long flowering hanging basket.

Materials that you can use are

  • Plastic sheeting
  • Moss
  • Felt liners
  • Coco matting

Personally I think that the coco matting, moss or felt are more aesthetically pleasing, especially if used with wire baskets where you can see the lining. They are also more sustainable, long-lasting and a better aid for water retention.

I am lucky in that I can collect any amount of moss from around my garden.

If you use plastic then remember to put some drainage holes in it.

The best compost for your hanging basket is a general multipurpose compost, this will be more than adequate for your summer hanging baskets.


Best Plants for Hanging Baskets.

Tender Perennials and annuals that give longevity and prolific, colourful flowers.

Choose colours themes that blend well together or go for a one colour scheme in varying shades. They can be jazzy and bold or soft and sophisticated, basically anything that takes your fancy, there really are no rules. Shop here for seeds to sow now

Some wow factor combinations are

Bright red geraniums with red verbena paired with lemon yellow petunias or calibrachoa and a bright yellow osteospermum.


Cool whites… Cosmos Purity, White nemesia, White Petunia and a variegated cream and green ivy. Lovely.

An important point to consider when selecting your plants is where the basket is going to be positioned.

Whether it is in full sun, shade or part sun/part shade will influence the plants that you need.

Some excellent suggestions for summer hanging baskets are:-














Sempervivums  How to Grow Succulent Plants


Cherry tomatoes


Indeed, I love nothing more than to reach out of my kitchen window to pick some cherry tomatoes or strawberries that are conveniently hanging there.

Cherry Tomatoes

Herbs too are best situated near your kitchen.AeroGarden Miracle-Gro Gourmet Herb Growing Kit Review


Plant baskets for summer during April.All Summer Blooming Flowers

If you have a greenhouse they can live in there until all danger of frost is over, placing them outside in May

If planting winter baskets then suitable plants are

Winter heather – use ericaceous compost






Winter hanging baskets can be planted in September and October and should last through to Spring.

Click here for Flower Garden Colour Combinations


How to Plant your Hanging Basket.

  • Place the liner in the basket and half fill with compost.
  • Plants the largest plant in the centre
  • Add smaller, trailing plants around it
  • Some plants can be pushed through the gaps if using a wire basket.
  • Wrap the plants in paper first to protect the roots as much as possible then gently push them through the gaps.
  • Cover with more compost and add some water retention granules .
  • Firm down the compost and water well.

Make sure you have a sturdy bracket securely fastened to the wall to hang your basket from. Bear in mind that the basket will be heavy once filled with compost and plants and even more so after watering.



Caring for your Hanging Basket

Keep them well watered, baskets and containers dry out quickly particularly in long hot summers.

Irrigation systems are available to aid in watering, these are particularly useful if you’re expecting to be away for a prolonged period. Also, handy to use if you intend have lot of baskets and containers. They aren’t very expensive and can be fully automated, making life easier. Please go to Irrigation Kits

From April to September feed with a liquid fertiliser once a week.

Dead head regularly.

Remember…gardening is good for you, spending time outdoors is good for you. Your physical health and fitness as much as your mental well-being improves after just a short time spent gardening. Imagine how much better you might feel after indulging in a project such as planting a hanging basket and the pleasure you will derive from doing so.

Your heart mind and soul will thank you for it as will the environment and wildlife.

Gardening for Well-being, Why Gardening is Good for your Health.

I do hope you will be planting some baskets and/or containers, I would love to see photos.

Get in touch …

Happy Gardening!

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