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Here at PlantsBulbsSeeds I aim to engage all gardeners from the beginner to the more experienced.

I provide interesting, topical and informative ideas and tips for growing your own plants, bulbs and seeds, in order to help you develop your outdoor space and make it somewhere beautiful for you to spend time.
Growing plants from seeds

I am keen to encourage and involve gardeners of all ages including young children – they are – after all the next generation of amateur and/or professional gardeners.Fun Gardening Ideas for Kids

I firmly believe that gardening improves physical and mental health, whether one has ten minutes to spare or ten hours, gardening is good for us without a doubt.Gardening for Well-being, Why Gardening is Good for your Health.
Plants for fragrance

Topics here at Plants Bulbs Seeds include all aspects of gardening from How to do.  How do you Grow Roses?: Secrets to Success

Monthly What jobs to do in the Garden

Informative tips and Ideas. Flower Garden Colour Combinations

Product Reviews and a little poetry too.
A garland in pink
Clematis Montana

I do hope you enjoy browsing, reading and shopping at

I am always happy to hear from my readers, you can leave comments, questions or your thoughts on my blogs in the comments boxes. Also please subscribe to the email list to receive special offers, news and gardening tips straight to your inbox.

For a little more information about me and why I am passionate about gardening head over to About Louise

All the companies that I choose to add to my website have adverts down the side of each page. I have chosen well-known, trustworthy plant and gardening specialists. I hope you will enjoy shopping and browsing their websites. Website & Affiliate disclosure


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Thank you.

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  1. Brilliant!

    1. Thank you very much Gill!

  2. I really like your website, I have found lots of useful information and inspiration to get out in my garden.
    The photos you use are wonderful, I enjoy reading the articles and browsing, really lovely.
    I will be back to read future articles.

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for reading and enjoying my website.
      I hope to see you back here soon.

  3. Dominic Owen says:

    Really impressed with the site and how it’s all layered out. Very professional and excellent advice and tips too. Well done ?

    1. Hi Dominic,
      I really appreciate your comments and encouragement.
      Thank you so much.


  4. Hi Louise,
    Another great read, I really enjoyed this article on wildflowers.
    We have a huge field here that is part of the farm land and I leave all the wildflowers to grow, so it looks very natural and of course it’s beneficial to lots of wild life.

    1. Hello,
      Thank you for popping by to read my articles, it is really heartening to know that people are growing wildflowers or leaving patches of lawn, meadows etc.
      Good to hear from you again
      Happy wildflower gardening!

  5. Love your website. Good advice and interesting new ideas to try out in our garden. Well done!

    1. Hello Susan,
      Thank you so much for your positive feedback. I will look forward to hearing what new things you plant/do in your garden.
      All the best

  6. I’ve grown lupins (for the very first time) in a large pot. They are now down to just a few leaves. Should I leave them in the pot for next year or should I start again in 202

    1. Hi Ann,
      You can leave them in the pots. They will come again next year. Cut back the finished flower stems. If you want to grow some more, keep the seeds and sow them next spring to give you more plants.
      Louise x

  7. Hi, Lou. I have a very large wisteria growing over a gazebo by the French doors. Absolutely glorious this time but getting too big. How far do I cut it back to make it more manageable next year?

    1. Hi Alison,
      Cut back all this years growth to about 20cm from the main stems.
      Its the right time to do it now.
      Thank you for your interest.

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