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National Trust Membership Review 8 Great Reasons to Join

The Best Place to Buy: National Trust


Types of Membership:

Family Membership

2 adults living at the same address and up-to 10 of their children or grandchildren.

Or 1 adult and up-to 10 of their children or grandchildren.

Joint Membership

2 adults living at the same address.

Individual Membership

Adult-26+ years.

Young Person-18 to 25 years.

Junior Membership

0 to 17 years, includes free entry and junior welcome pack.

Senior Membership

As a loyalty membership and to ensure that everybody can continue to enjoy the places they love, National Trust is offering a 25% senior discount for over 60’s on individual or joint membership. To be eligible for this discount you have to have been a member for at least five out of the last ten years.

Lifetime Membership

Individual, joint and family life memberships are available.

Why Join the National Trust

Are you sometimes out and about with family and friends and come across an interesting looking Manor House, or castle, or stately home and think that you would like to see more of it?

Do you yearn to discover it’s history and the stories behind it? Or wish to wander through beautifully maintained gardens?

Well, with a National Trust Membership you can do all of these things.

With so many beautiful gardens and properties to visit in the UK, it can become expensive to visit them if you pay as you go, especially if you are a family group.

You can make huge savings by joining the Trust and you are able to visit all their properties as many times as you like.


What Does The National Trust Membership Get You?

  • Free entry to more than 500 special properties
  • Free parking available at most National Trust car parks
  • National Trust Handbook full of information and inspiration to help you plan your visit
  • National Trust Magazine delivered three times a year to you.
  • Newsletters sent directly to your inbox
  • Help to Restore and Maintain Properties
  • Help to Care for the Countryside
  • Fantastic Savings Throughout the Year in Entry Fees


Arts and Treasures At The National Trust

The National Trust looks after one of the world’s largest art and history collections. There are more than one million objects at over 200 historic properties- including over 400,000 book titles. Fantastic discoveries and collections await you at all our properties.

There are many interesting exhibitions throughout the year, just check the website for ones near you and the dates that they are on.


What The National Trust Does

The National Trust protects, preserves, restores and maintains important historical properties in order to keep our heritage and history alive. It is educational and fun as well as taking care of the integration of these properties for future generations to enjoy.

It also cares for and maintains the countryside, landscape and our wildlife, ensuring that what we have in our natural world has a healthy environment to flourish.

  • Landscape
  • Nature and Wildlife
  • Food
  • Heritage
  • Properties


To find out further details of the day to day and long term care that the National Trust does for our heritage and history, or to find some of  the best places to visit in the UK take a look at the website.

By joining the National Trust not only do you have access to some of the UK’s most interesting and best loved properties, gardens and landscapes, you are also doing your bit to help restore and maintain valuable assets, countryside and national treasures for us to visit and enjoy for many years to come and for future generation too.

The National Trust also has a shop and a Restaurant or Cafe for refreshments at many of their sites.


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I hope I have given you the best information here in regards to membership, if you have any questions then please pop them in the comments box below, I always answer as soon as I can.

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