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Happy Mother’s Day, Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is a celebration to honour the matriarch of our families, motherhood in general and the influence of mothers in society. Different countries/societies recognise it at differing times but generally speaking Mother’s Day is celebrated during the months of March or May. It complements similar celebrations for Fathers and Grandparents.

There are several celebrations around the world, held at different times and linked to historically religious holiday. It has in some form or another existed throughout millennia including the Greek cult Cybele and the Roman god Hilaria.


The History of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day as we now know it was first started in America by Anna Jarvis in 1905 as a way to remember her own Mother and the help she gave soldiers on both sides during the American civil war.

Ann Reeves Jarvis started Mother’s Day work clubs to help address public health issues.

Anna Jarvis successfully campaigned for Mother’s day to become a public holiday.

Despite founding Mother’s day she became hugely resentful of the commercialism of the day that subsequently happened.

Well known card companies started to sell Mother’s day cards in the 1920’s, Anna protested strongly against this, believing that Mother’s should be celebrated for sentiment not profit.

She believed that companies exploited the idea of the celebration of Mother’s and Motherhood.


Happy Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Happy Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Modern Mother’s Day

As with most celebrations there are usually certain types of gifts that are synonymous.

Here in the UK Mother’s Day is held on a Sunday during March, just as Spring is in full swing, so gifts are generally garden themed such as flowers or plants, with maybe a celebratory family get together for a meal with cake or chocolates.



Choose a Special Gift For Mother’s Day

Whilst most ladies enjoy a bouquet of flowers, it’s nice to think of something little different that Mum would enjoy, something more personal to her… after all a bunch of flowers looks nice for, at the most, a couple of weeks then they are finished.

  • Why not gift a plant for her garden, not only will it give pleasure for many years to come but she will derive pleasure and well-being from tending it.
  • Peony, Roses, Camellia are just a few that spring to mind.

    Rose “Iceberg”
  • Spring flowering bulbs already planted in an attractive container are also a great idea as a gift.Plants For Spring Colour
  • Summer flowering bulbs that she can plant in the garden or containers.Summer Flowering Bulbs A colourful addition to summer gardens.
  • Still on the theme of gardens, other gift ideas include, ornaments, bird nesting boxes, bird feeders, attractive and feminine gardening gloves, garden sculptures. The list goes on with something for every budget.
  • Books too are always a popular choice.
  • If mum isn’t a gardener as such but enjoys being in and around plants, trees and gardens then how about a trip to one of many local open gardens. Public gardens are all over the UK and indeed the world so wherever you are, a day out in one of them would be a lovely surprise, many have cafe’s and/or restaurants and shops to peruse and indulge in.
  • Here in the UK a perfect idea for Mum’s who enjoy visiting gardens would be an RHS yearly membership. She could visit any four of the Royal Horticultural Society gardens
  • Rosemoor, Wisley, Harlow Carr and Hyde Hall and 100’s of partner gardens that are around the UK Mother’s Day Gift Idea…Royal Horticultural Society
  • Membership to The National Trust is also another great gift idea that will last all year. With many fabulous, historic properties and gardens to visit there is something for everyone to enjoy.



Trees to my Door is a unique way of gift trees, shrubs and plants. Choose from their huge range of high quality trees and have them delivered directly to your recipient.


Another very cost effective idea if you’re on a tight budget is to offer to do some chores that your Mum doesn’t like to do.

  • Clear the garden
  • Wash her car
  • Do the housework
  • Cook a meal for her

Mother’s Day is not so far away so get your thinking caps on and choose something a little different this year for your Mum.

I hope that this have given you some food for thought as to finding the perfect gift. Please share with friends, family and social media, lets spread the word and bring everyone’s outdoor space to life.

If you have any questions or thoughts then please do pop them in the comments box below, I love to hear from you and  I will always reply.

Thank you.




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