Bosch AVR 1100W VertiCutter Scarifier and Lawn Raker. Perfect, lush, green lawns

Bosch AVR 1100W VertiCutter Scarifier and Lawn Raker


If, like me you are looking for ways to keep your lawn looking great without too much hard work then either the Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter or the Bosch ALR 900 is for you. Scarifying lawns manually is time consuming and physically demanding. Clearing moss and weeds from lawns is an autumn gardening job and here’s how you can complete the job quicker and easier with a Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter.

It is electric and comes supplied with power cable and plug attachment.

Clean and quiet to use. Less stress on me physically and also environmentally friendly, which is the most important consideration.

No fumes, or petrol.


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Product Details

  • Fast scarifying with steel blades, no tool blockage
  • 1100 watt power drive motor and collection system
  • Fast and complete collection of moss and thatch
  • Supplied with a with a 50 Litre collection box
  • Bosch “Jet Collect” system
  • Robust drum with stainless steel blades and airflow inlets efficiently removes layers of thatch that consist of plant debris, moss and weeds from your lawn
  • Folding handles and stackable collection box for ease of storage



  • One cassette does both scarifying and aerating
  • Highly efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Saves back breaking work of scarifying manually
  • Lightweight
  • Easy adjust cutting heights
  • Good value when compared with “lawn care” franchise companies
  • After use the lawn is fully prepared for fertiliser application or for reseeding
  • Safety cut out


  • You have to take care to have this machine on the correct setting for your lawn.
  • Set on the highest first then lower if required. It doesn’t need to be very low to rake out moss.
  • The Bosch verticutter is a little fiddly to clean after use
  • Nook and crannies where dirt and grass can collect
  • Depending on the size of your lawn you may require a further power cable extension



Bosch ALR Electric Lawn Raker 900W


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Product Details

  • The Bosch ALR 900 Lawn Raker comes with a powerful 900W high-torque “Powerdrive” motor.
  • Specially designed raking cylinder, enabling you to clear your lawn of moss, weeds and thatch.
  • With the Bosch innovative ‘Jet Collect’ system and 10 double-wound spring tines, it lifts surface debris as well as creating air flow which increases the rate of collection.
  • It has a full 32cm cutting width and 4 raking heights ranging from +10mm to -5mm, therefore it is ideal for regular use throughout the lawn growing and maintenance season.
  • Supplied with power cable and plug attachment



  • 32 cm cutting diameter
  • 10 double-wound metal tines
  • Folding handles for easy storage
  • Highly efficient
  • 2 years manufacturer guarantee
  • 50 litre collection box
  • Easy adjust cutting heights
  • Safety cut out



  • Needs regular cleaning to prevent it from clogging
  • Nooks and crannies where dirt and grass can collect
  • Depending on the size of your lawn you may require a further power cable extension


General Maintenance

Both of these garden tools require basic maintenance to keep them running perfectly.

Clean after use to prevent dirt and debris from building up.

Make sure that electric cables and the plugs are safely wired, with no loose or bare wires showing.

After all seasonal work is finished, clean both the machine and the collection box and store in a dry area, such as garage or garden shed.

Recommend autumn lawn feed to be applied after lawn scarifying and aerating.

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I highly recommend either of these lawn scarifying and aeration machines. They will clear your lawn of thatch and moss, healthy grass can grow back quickly leaving you with a lush, beautiful lawn.

So many of gardening work is heavy and tiring, or takes a long time to do, make life easier for yourself with a Bosch blah blah or a Bosch blah blah.

These take the hard work out of it and to my mind they are an essential piece of lawn maintenance equipment.

With them you can achieve a beautiful lawn to admire or lounge on leaving you with much more time to do the more enjoyable gardening jobs.

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