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Best Garden Tools Sets

My choice of the best garden tools sets include wooden handled tools, stainless steal and high quality workmanship.

 I love garden tools, particularly old, antique ones, I like browsing round a section of a garden that has a display of them or antique hand farming tools.

I find it hard to believe now, with all our new-fangled, ergonomic, make the job easier implements, that so much work was done with these simple tools.

When I bought my first house with a small garden I couldn’t afford a shiny new garden tools set. I acquired a few cheap things, and I inherited some from my Mother-in-law and that is all I had. She had a lovely pair of stainless steel secateurs which I hardly ever have to sharpen and they look as good now as they did when she bought them about fifty or sixty years ago.

Also, a pair of shears with wooden handles, the wood worn smooth as silk over many years use.

Wooden Handled Tools

These tools gave me a love of quality garden tools with wooden handles, I like the feel of wood, it kind of grounds me when I am working. Wooden handled garden tools give me a deeper sense of working with Nature.

I didn’t have a lot of spare cash when I started gardening so I went “shopping” at the local tip. I came back with a fork, rake, hoe and a trowel for a fiver!

I still have them, but I have now moved on to being able to buy some nice new ones. I still choose wooden handles mostly but they are quite heavy compared to modern materials and not so ergonomic. As a professional I need work friendly tools so I also have a set that are lighter weight, better for my posture and easy on my hands and back. Gardening for Well-being, Why Gardening is Good for your Health.


Best Garden Tools Sets

A garden tool has to feel right when you pick it up and obviously do the specific job for that tool efficiently and with ease.

Here I have chosen some sets of tools that I think you will love and are not hugely expensive. Choosing a good tool set that will give you years of use is a great investment whether you garden for pleasure or professionally. These are some of the best garden tools sets that you can use to make your gardening work more efficient and enjoyable. They are perfect for any green fingered gardening enthusiast.

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Quality Tools from Burgon and Ball and Sneeboer

Harrod Horticultural have an extensive range of superior quality garden tools made with wood and stainless steel. I have to say that these are my favourite. As with any tools, the best quality do cost more, but you will only have to buy them once. They will last several lifetimes and will probably be handed down to the next green fingered generation.

Shop here for your own beautiful tools. They truly are a joy to work with.



INNO STAGE Ten Piece Hand Tool Set with Tote Bag and Seat

Set includes Trowel, Weeder, Transplanter, Rake, Cultivator, Pruning Tools, Garden sprayer, Garden Gloves, Tote bag, Plant tie line and a Folding seat.

The surface of seat is made by a special fabrication process, with added reinforced tape, making it safe and firm.

The organizer bag can remain fixed on the garden seat or removed  to use separately.

Gardening work gloves with hard ABS claws, make digging and planting easier, they offer protection of hands against rose thorns, shrubs and undergrowth.

The tools have solid polished heads, they are rust-proof and extremely sturdy.

Natural wooden handles

Suitable for all kinds of garden work including pruning, weeding, digging, transplanting, aerating and more.


Yami Nine Piece Garden Hand Tool Set

These garden tools are made of highest quality stainless steel making them tough, sharp and long-lasting.

This complete gardening kit with six items of  high quality stainless steel tools is perfect for your garden needs. All tools have user-friendly hanging holes at the top of each handle for easy storage.

The garden hand tools are ergonomically engineered to make them safe and easy to use with less strain on hands or wrists, reducing muscle fatigue.  They are made from rust-resistant aluminum and stainless steel with a soft-rubber, no-slip grip.

An absolute pleasure to use.

The tote bag is large and offers plenty of space to add additional tools when gardening, multiple pockets hold tools easily which makes your work more efficient.

Organising your garden tools could not be simpler and means less time going backwards and forwards to your tool shed.

Included is a pruner, weeder, trowel, cultivator, transplanter, rake, spray bottle, and a pair of cut-resistant gloves and storage tote bag.



Garden Tool Sets for Women

I’m not one for selecting items that are gender specific. Both men and women are completely capable of using tools efficiently whether they are specifically made and designed for women or men. But I appreciate that some will like the look of some tools over others so I have a chosen a few sets here that you may like. I can only assume that they are considered ideal for women as they have flowered designs on them…also more than suitable and on the wish list of male gardeners too I would imagine. Anyway I’ve found a pink set for the ladies or men in your lives that like pink and who  enjoy gardening.

Apollo Seven Piece Pink Garden Tool Set

The perfect set of essential tools to get you digging, pruning, planting and potting. This seven piece set includes all the must have tools for your garden.

Heavy duty Cast-Aluminium Hand Tools including pruners, hand trowel, narrow trowel and hand rake. Also included is an gardening apron with pockets and gloves to keep your hands clean and protected, and a soft foam kneeler so you can garden comfortably.

A comprehensive set of tools that work well and look cheerful in a vibrant pink. 

The garden tools are manufactured from solid highly-polished aluminium to resist corrosion, with non-slip ergonomic handles for a lifetime of  comfortable usage  

Curved trowel heads make breaking through soil easy.

Gardening Apron and Gloves are made from thick, durable material to withstand the tough gardening jobs.

With every purchase of this garden tool set, a donation of £1 will be made to the Pink Ribbon Foundation to help those affected by breast cancer. 

Flora Guard Three piece Garden Tool Set

A trio of essential gardening tools, perfect for a number of different jobs, including digging, weeding and potting.

Ergonomic design reduces hand and arm fatigue.

High carbon steel blades and tips are shiny, rust-proof, extremely sturdy and easy to clean and maintain.

The three piece garden tools set looks great with a printed floral pattern.

Durable top-quality garden set.

For my review on top quality Felco Secateurs please click here. These are a must for any gardener both amateur and professional.

Kids Gardening Tool Sets

Kids love to get out in the garden and we really should encourage them to do so. With help and guidance they can find huge pleasure and entertainment from gardening. Teach them about birds, bugs and bees and they will happily spend time searching for them. Teach them how to grow and nurture plants and they will quite possibly have a life long interest in gardening.

These Kids Gardening Tool Sets will encourage them more, as they do like to have their own things that look just like the ones Mum or Dad uses. Also as they are designed with children in mind they are brightly coloured, easy to use and child-sized. Safe, durable designs are paramount as they give you, as parents/grandparents etc confidence that your child is using toys/tools that you are happy with. Fun Gardening Ideas for Kids

Nouvcoo Children’s Garden Set

Safe, durable desing and high quality.

This product is made from high quality, non-toxic, child safe materials.

The set comes with three gardening tools for children, allowing children to develop gardening skills from a young age.

Suitable for sowing, digging and playing. 

Engage your kid’s creativity with this outdoor gardening tool set that includes a storage bag, watering can, trowel, fork, spade, gloves and a garden game kit.

Suitable for age 3 upwards.


Little Pals Children’s Garden Tools set.

This set has everything to get children off to a flying start, learning and growing in the garden. Ideal for home gardens and/or the allotment.

Childrens wheelbarrow, garden tools and watering can set, wit a leaf rake, spade, broom, trowel and fork, gardening gloves, kneeling pad and a watering can.


Gift Sets

Personally I think all the garden tools sets that I have includes make great gifts for the gardener in your life. Ideal for birthdays, weddings and/or anniversaries, also ideal for a new house gift, especially if it is for someone with a new garden too. I would really have appreciated any of these sets had someone bought them for me when I was starting out gardening.


So if you’re looking for the Best Garden Tools sets to help you with all those gardening jobs this month and forever more, then I hope that you can find something to your liking here amongst some of the nicest ones on the market. For more garden tools reviews please go to my product reviews page.

Please share with friends and family and pop any thoughts or questions in the comments box below.

Happy Gardening.

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