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What Jobs to do in the Garden in November

What Jobs to do in the Garden in November A month evocative of bonfires, wood smoke, low-lying mist and frosty mornings. As we start to move from autumn to winter, the days become colder, darker, wetter. Our focus this month is mainly on protecting plants from the elements and maintaining garden buildings such as sheds …

Pot of compost, secateurs and rooting powder, hardwood cuttings technique
How To Do

Hardwood Cuttings Technique – 5 Easy Steps

    Hardwood Cuttings Technique How to take hardwood cuttings in 5 Easy Steps from woody perennials and shrubs such as buddleia, choisya, roses and cornus. One of the most pleasant jobs of gardening is propagating and nurturing new plants. The hardwood cuttings technique is very straight forward and it is satisfying to see new …

Silver birch trees
Winter Gardens

15 Trees and Shrubs for Winter Colour

  15 Trees and Shrubs for Winter Colour Trees and shrubs chosen for their winter interest play a large part in gardens, they come into their own when summer shrubs are finishing and the autumn glow from deciduous trees is beginning to pale. Evergreen trees and shrubs planted alongside bright coloured winter foliage serve to …

Unusual Gardeners Gifts

The Best Unusual Gardeners Gifts

The Best Unusual Gardeners Gifts It’s coming up to the busiest time of year for the giving and receiving of gifts. ThanksGiving and Christmas will be upon us in the blink of an eye. Of course there are always birthdays, name-days, anniversaries and engagements and many other occasions occurring all through the year that we …

Pairs of antique pruners, cordless electric secateurs

The Best Cordless Electric Secateurs Review

  The Best Cordless Electric Secateurs Review I have reviewed some of what I think are the best cordless electric secateurs. These handy, easy to use secateurs are a valuable piece of gardening equipment. We all like to do the things that we enjoy for as long as we are able. I find that people …

Perfect, lush, green lawns
How To Do

Autumn Lawn Maintenance in 5 Easy Steps

Autumn Lawn Maintenance in 5 Easy Steps   Is your grass looking tired, patchy and generally in a state of disrepair? Clients often ask me how to improve and care for their lawns. We like to enjoy our gardens, including our lawns and so we should, but all this use and movement causes some damage …

What jobs to do in the garden in October
Garden Calendar

What Jobs to do in the Garden in October

  What Jobs to do in the Garden in October October already and following a beautiful summer here in the UK there are still lots of growth in the borders and the lawns. The formal start to autumn is the autumn equinox which is towards the end of September. So we are well into this …

How to make compost for the garden, shows a handful of compost
How To Do

How to Make Compost for the Garden

I enjoy making compost, it’s a good feeling when you turn out the compost bin to find nutrient rich, organic humus that you can use on your garden, made from garden and organic household waste. The one thing to remember is that the best garden compost needs to have a good mix of moist/nitrogen and …

Make your own quality compost

Best Composters Reviews

  Best Composters Reviews One of the best items that you can have in your garden is a compost bin. Even the smallest patio or courtyard gardens can find space for a small compost bin in order to make your own garden compost Making your own healthy, rich garden compost is a joy. You know …

Depicts old garden tools

Best Garden Tools Sets

I love garden tools, particularly old, antique ones, I like browsing round a section of a garden that has a display of them or antique hand farming tools. I find it hard to believe now, with all our new-fangled, ergonomic, make the job easier implements, that so much work was done with these simple tools. …

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