A garden border with campanula, poppies, grasses and foxgloves, how to plant a hardy perennial border
How To Do

How To Plant A Hardy Perennial Border Like A Pro

  How To Plant A Hardy Perennial Border Like A Pro Have you ever visited public gardens, a friend or neighbours garden and thought… “I would love a border like that”? Well, you can, with a little know how and planning, you too, can grow perennials and have a picture perfect border full of flowers …

Summer Gardens

All Summer Blooming Flowers

Don’t you just love spring and summer? I do. Each day we gain more daylight time, gardens are lush and colourful, blossom is blooming in the hedgerows, fruit trees are popping, buzzing with pollinators, it’s a wonderful time of year. Now is the time to sow the seeds for all summer blooming flowers. On warm, …


Best Patio Cleaner Sika Mould Buster, a review.

      The Best Patio Cleaner – Sika Mould Buster. The Best Place to Buy Amazon   Product Details. Dilute the solution, spray on the area to be cleaned and leave it…it couldn’t be easier. No fuss No Bleach Biodegradable Sika Mould Buster kills algae, mould and green growth within a few days and continues to …

Garden Calendar

What Jobs to do in the Garden in May

  What Jobs to do in the Garden in May   “Cherry pink and Apple Blossom white”   As April comes to a close, we enter what is possibly one of our prettiest months. The first of May in the UK and most of the West is known as May Day and marks the end …

Fields and natural hedgerows, best plants to combat pollution in your garden

Best Plants To Combat Pollution In Your Garden

  Best Plants To Combat Pollution In Your Garden Pollution Absorbing Plants for a Greener Garden, making your outdoor space, brighter, cleaner and better for you. In a world full of pollution we can all do our bit to improve our own space, to make the air around us cleaner. Plants are a vital element …


8 of The Best Cordless Grass Strimmers Review

  8 of the Best Cordless Grass Strimmers Review Cordless grass trimmers are so much better than corded or petrol versions for- go anywhere, use anywhere- hassle free movement around your garden, but finding the right one can be a bit like searching for a needle in long grass, as there are many products on …

Box of fresh vegetables Grow your own easy vegetables and fruit

Top 12 Easy to Grow Vegetables and Fruit

  Top 12 Easy to Grow Vegetables and Fruit There are many reasons to grow your own, easy vegetables and fruit at home. It’s more satisfying, homegrown produce tastes delicious, no miles, no need to go shopping, no added chemicals, organic, grow your family favourites, good exercise, motivation for children to garden, gardening is good …


Electric Weed Burner

  Best Electric Weed Burner Review   The Best Place to Buy The best price I have found is at Amazon Product Details Electric weed burner. Ideal for patios, paved areas and driveways. Environmentally friendly. Eliminates the use of harmful chemicals. Easy to use. Two heat settings. 12 month guarantee.   Do Electric Weed Burners Work? …

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