Rudbekia, a daisy like flower in golds and orange
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Autumn Plants Containers

  Autumn Plants Containers Some parts of your garden may be looking a little tired by the end of summer. Summer bedding has exhausted itself and flowers are starting to fade. Fear not fellow gardeners, I can assure you that there is no shortage of plants that you can choose to add instant Autumn interest …

White lace cap hydrangea
Summer Gardens

8 Of The Best Late Summer Flowering Shrubs

8 Of The Best Late Summer Flowering Shrubs As gardeners, we strive to grow a variety of plants, trees and shrubs that will provide us with year round interest in our gardens, but towards late summer some perennial and border plants are starting to have had their day in the sun and many shrubs have …

Wild Flower Garden Ideas

  Wildflower Garden Ideas Who doesn’t love a wildflower meadow or a swathe of wild colour by the roadside? Or a ripe cornfield dotted with scarlet poppies? Who recalls, as a child making daisy chains or holding a buttercup under their chin to test whether they like butter? Or told the time by blowing away …

August garden jobs
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What Jobs to do in the Garden in August

  What Jobs To Do In The Garden In August It is the last of our summer months and you may be thinking about what jobs to do in the garden in August. Schools are out, holidays are close and you have lots on your plate but you need to do some basic garden maintenance …

Duck egg blue painted entrance to an old style greenhouse

The Best Price Summer Houses In Your Garden

  The Best Price Summer Houses In Your Garden It’s the time of year when we want to spend as much of our day outdoors as possible, to make the most of warm, sunny weather and balmy, calm evenings. With the focus on staycations this year why not invest in one of the best price …

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How to Grow Succulent Plants

  How To Grow Succulent Plants Succulents are plants that store water. They grow in arid climates or arid soil conditions in areas that have little or no rainfall. They conserve water in their thick fleshy leaves or stems. This is an introduction on a diverse and very interesting group of plants. How to grow …

Summer Gardens

Flowering Plants For Full Sun

  Flowering Plants For Full Sun Your gardens should be looking full and colourful at this time of year. We are mid-way through summer and perennials, summer shrubs, annuals and your biennial plants are in full bloom. Hopefully, too your vegetable plot is bursting with delicious fresh produce. If you have a sunny south or …

Sunflowers in a jug placed outdoors on a table. Cutting flowers garden plants

Choosing The Best Cutting Flower Garden Plants

  Choosing The Best Cutting Flower Garden Plants We all love to see a colourful display of flowers, arranged beautifully in vases, bowls, jugs, urns or any other decorative pot. We are enthralled by rich, exotic and flamboyant wedding and celebratory flowers in venues, churches and bouquets but have you ever tried to develop and …

Old wooden garden cart. 5 best Rated Garden Carts Review

5 Best Rated Garden Carts Review

  5 Best Rated Garden Carts Review In this post I aim to give you impartial information on a must have garden product if you have a large space and/or supplies and heavy tools to carry. Are you looking for a bit of help with heavy lifting and carrying in your garden? Then please read …
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Jobs to do in the Garden in July

  Jobs To Do In the Garden In July Mid Summer already, and the borders hopefully are looking a treat, here at PlantsBulbsSeeds we’re thinking and planning what jobs to do in the garden in July. Hopefully all your gardens are looking and performing exactly how you wish them to. Your beds and borders are a …

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