Rudbekia, a daisy like flower in golds and orange


Autumn Plants Containers

Autumn plants containers are just what You want them to be. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour and texture. There are no golden rules as far as I am concerned. Mix and match until you find a combination that pleases you.

Some parts of your garden may be looking a little tired by the end of summer as summer bedding has exhausted itself and flowers are starting to fade but Fear not fellow gardeners, I can assure you that there is no shortage of plants that you can choose to add instant Autumn interest in pots and containers.

There are plenty of great ideas for container gardening with autumn plants containers, pots and window boxes, what’s more they will tide you over well into winter, when you can then swap them for winter to spring displays.




What Can You Plant In Your Autumn Plants Containers?

It’s a good idea to include some planting with colourful, evergreen foliage so that your containers will still look good when flowers have finished.

Heuchera lime marmalade , crème brûlée and berry smoothie have fantastic colouring all year round, they are the perfect foil for autumn bedding plants such as viola, pansies and primroses.

Shrubs such as skimmia, nandine and euonymus also offer variegated foliage and autumn tones as a backdrop to autumn bedding plants.

Ornamental grasses such as Imperata or Carex flagellifera are ideal combined with sedum, hebe, asters, violas and cyclamen.

Dahlias, rudbeckia and echinacea or osteospermum will continue to flower and look great until the first frosts, these add height and colour to container displays. Keep deadheading them to prolong flowering.

Add in some spring flowering bulbs to continue the display into early spring, daffodils, crocus, hyacinths etc can be planted now in pots, you might as well kill two birds with one stone and add the bulbs now. Eh voila! You have the recipe for beautiful, colourful containers that will last well into winter.

How to Plant Your Autumn Containers

First choose your pots that you wish to use, see that they are clean.

If you are choosing to use terracotta pots then do make sure that they are frost proof.

Stand any type of pots on feet to raise them off the ground, this helps to stop water logging and pots from freezing.

Put some crocks in the bottom

Add a good quality peat free compost, if you are planting any bulbs then also add some course horticultural grit to aid drainage.

Arrange your choice of plants, rearranging them until you are happy with how they look.

Backfill with more compost, leaving about five centimetres clear to the pot rim.

Water well.

Also, a great idea is to use these gorgeous autumn plants in hanging baskets too. Include some trailing evergreens such as ivy and bacopa.

Caring for Your Autumn Plants Containers

Dead head as and when necessary

Feed with a liquid fertiliser once a fortnight

Water regularly.


Ideas for Autumn Plant Combinations

Cyclamen and violas


Penstemon Apple blossom, gaura Blush, cyclamen


Heuchera, Ornamental Grass Imperata,  Pansies


Osteospermum, Dahlia, Daisies Argyranthemum (margerites)


Rudbeckia,  Pansies, Sedum



autumn plant containers succulents
Ideas for autumn plants containers










For a classic white display

Try hydrangea, dahlia and cyclamen


I hope I have given you some ideas and tips for your autumn plants containers.

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Pots and containers add interest at any time of year and they can be re-planted each season to show off your favourite seasonal flowers. Patios, balconies, courtyard gardens and paved areas are brightened up easily with a few well placed pots and planting schemes.

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Happy Gardening

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