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8 Of The Best Electric Heated Propagator Review

If you are lucky enough to have a greenhouse you can create the best conditions for what ever plants you wish to grow. If not then a warm sunny windowsill is also an adequate environment. Or you can use an electric heated propagator. There are some really very good sow kits on the market in terms of electric ones for added warmth, size of growing space and with grow lights. Using a propagator helps you get a higher success rate of germination and will save you money by growing your own plants from seed.
February and onwards into spring is the perfect time to start sowing seeds, for flowers and vegetables alike. If you have been following my Garden Calendar articles you will have an extensive list of what can be sown each month.

Whether you love to grow your own veg or flowers for your ornamental garden, growing from seed is one of the most satisfying and therapeutic of gardening tasks.


In my 6 of the best seed propagators  review I have highlighted some of the best ones available to suit every budget.

I have included propagators in the following categories:

  • Electric propagators
  • Grow Lights Propagator Kits
  • Non electric propagators

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Electric Heated Propagators

Always check the details on the packets of seeds you want to grow for best time of the year to sow and whether they require warmth, not all seeds do. For those seeds that do benefit from some gentle heat an electric heated propagator is all you need.

They basically have a heater in the bottom tray that the growing tray sits on. The heat should be between 16 and 21 degrees which is the optimum range for germination. Having a Heated propagator allows you start seeds early, to grow healthy seedlings that can then be potted on, ready to be transferred to a greenhouse or cold-frame when the weather allows. Keep young plants indoors until all risk of frost is over.


Garland Big 4 Propagator

The Best to Buy Amazon


Product Details:

  • 4  seed trays and shatter resistant covers
  • Thermostat control
  • 50 Watts
  • Air vents

The Garland Big Propagator has 4  trays with shatter resistant lids so you can grow four different plants at one time. Perfect for sowing vegetable seeds or flowers seeds. Use in conjunction with the green house for extra space to grow strong, healthy seedlings and get ahead of the growing season.

A thermostat control ensures compost is warmed to 19 degrees which is an optimum germination temperature.

It runs efficiently at just 50 Watts

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Garland Variable Temperature Electric Propagator

The Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Product Details:

  • Even temperatures from 5-30 degrees
  • Self watering separate trays
  • Shatterproof covers
  • Air vents

Designed to fit neatly on windowsill, the Garland variable control electric propagator maintains even compost temperatures from 5 to 30 degrees, which creates the ideal growing conditions for germination and early growth of your flower and veg seeds. It has two high dome propagators on a heated base.

It also has an added benefit of a self watering tray thereby allowing for even watering too.

There are two separate trays with shatter resistant lids so you can grow different seeds at once. The kits also have a small vent to allow for airflow.

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EarlyGrow Heated Electric Propagator

Best Place To Buy:  Amazon


Product details:

  • 12W non-thermostat controlled, 3 high top mini propagators with vents.
  • Designed to maintain the ideal temperatures from 16-19 for general seed germination.
  • An ideal size for a windowsills or greenhouse.
  • 3 Individual propagators each with a deep green lower tray
  • Clear shatter resistant lids.

Have past efforts at sowing seeds and germination been a little hit-and-miss for you? Then EarlyGrow Electric Heated Propagator is for the one you.  With easy temperature control it heats the soil to approx 24c degrees thereby doing away with the usual guessing game of getting the soil to an adequate even temperature for seed germination.

It is an ideal piece of equipment for amateur and experienced gardeners wishing to grow their own plants from seed.

It’s super slim base fits easily on windowsills, it’s base is insulated so no heat is transferred to the windowsill.

This heated propagator can be used in the house or greenhouse. There are 3 separate, sturdy trays with clear lids, making it perfect for planting different seeds at the same time. The lids are high and shatter resistant with adjustable vents.

Both trays and lids can be cleaned and reused.

It’s robost and well made, giving value for money and a great start to your seed germination.

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Grow Lights Propagator Kits

Greenway Grow Light Garden

Grow light seed propagators enable you to grow a large range of plants both edible and ornamental all year round due to their full spectrumincorporating full spectrum led lights which replicate natural sunlight, ensuring healthyseed growth. By extending the season you can sow seeds earlier and enjoy crops out of season such as salads and herbs etc.

TheBest Place to Buy: Amazon


Product Details:

  • Ideal for herbs, salad greens or house plant displays
  • Stylish black finish
  • Compact
  • Easy assembly

Kit includes: Lid, Lamp, Bulb, Trays and Resevoir.

A superb all year round herb and veg plant growing kit, the indoor grow light garden propagator is very easy to assemble. It takes about thirty minutes to set up, ready to sow seeds.

It is compact and stylish with an attractive black finish, it will look good with any kitchen decor. Not only ideal for use in the kitchen for producing all your favourite culinary herbs but also looks well in a lounge, hallway or conservatory for house plants. Or for growing on plug plants for the garden.

Get your seedlings off to a very good start and grow all year round.

These grow kits are not the cheapest but they are a quality item that can be cleaned and re-used season after season to grow healthy, fresh salad and herbs. Grow lights are available to buy separately as and when required.

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Garland Micro Grow Light Garden Propagator

The Best Place to Buy: Amazon


Product Details:

  • Enables you to grow crops all year round
  • Perfect for salad leaves and herbs, as well as tomatoes and chillies, radish
  • Uses eco-friendly low energy bulbs which last up to 10,000 hours
  • Measurements: 50cm long x 20cm wide x 45cm total height
  • Stylish, white and looks ideal in kitchens, conservatories or on a deep windowsill
This stylish Garland grow light is the perfect indoor growing accessory. It allows you to grow a wide variety of salad veg and herbs for every season.Herbs do exceptionally well, so treat yourself and have a continuous supply of culinary herbs and flavours for the kitchen. It can also be used to start your seedlings for outdoors sooner, so that you can get ahead with plants such as sweet peas, cosmos, pansies and many more annuals. 
Easy to set up and maintain. Keep it clean and in good order. The unit and light are of good quality and economic to use.
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Read my review also on the Aero Garden Miracle-Gro Gourmet Herb Growing Kit


Non Electric Propagators

You don’t necessarily need an electric propagator, ample warmth for sowing seeds can be provided on a warm, sunny windowsill or over a warm radiator. It all depends on which seeds you want to grow and whether they need extra warmth.


Britten and James Sure Start Seed Starter Kit

The Best Place to Buy: Amazon



Product Details:

  • Self watering via capillary matting
  • Portable kit, requires no power leads
  • Reusable tray and lids

Kit includes: 24 cell sowing tray, Reservoir, Support tray, Clear lids and Capillary matting.

This kit is designed to give seeds the ideal growing conditions by using a regulated,self watering system which ensure there is little damping off of seedlings or drying out. Plants draw up water as required from the capillary matting.

The trays and covers can be cleaned and re-used.

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Britten and James 7 Tray Propagator Kit

The Best Place to Buy: Amazon


Product Details:

  • Self Watering via capillary matting
  • No power leads
  • Reusable trays and lids

Kit includes: 7 separate growing trays, Reservoir, Support tray, Clear vented lids, Capillary matting

When the reservoir is filled with water this unit will keep the soil moist for up to 14 days. Which is great for those of you who sometimes forget to water. Also perfect if you away for a few days. Also you can use the trays to keep house plants watered whilst on holiday.

The 7 individual seed trays means that you can grow a wide variety of plants with different germination rates. The kit is easy to use and compact, so even with little space you can raise healthy, strong seedlings. Each clear lid has a simple vent to allow and control adequate air flow. The tray and lids can be cleaned and reused.

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With any of the above Propagators you can raise healthy plants from seeds for your garden or for culinary use in the kitchen.

Get ahead now and grow your own. For information on how to grow from seed check out- How to Grow Plant Seeds. 5 Easy Steps

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