Black and Decker 18v Cordless Strimmer Review


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Product Details

  • Guide wheel for precise straight edging.
  • 28 Centimetre Cutting Width.
  • Two power settings. Power select run time extender for increased power on overgrown areas.
  • Reduced power setting for light areas.
  • E-Drive technology gives more power to strim overgrown areas with no clogging.
  • AFS – Automatic single line feed to save time and effort.
  • Powered by Lithium battery technology.
  • 2500 linear meter on one charge.


Why I Recommend the Black and Decker 18v Cordless Stimmer

I’m on to my second of these cordless grass strimmers my first one wore out.

Before you start to think that this is a problem please bear in mind that I use mine on a professional basis, I maintain several lawns a day from March through to December so my Strimmer works hard. Garden Maintenance Services

I use it mainly for precise edge cutting on lawns. It keeps them crisp and tidy. I hate to see a lawn without the edges done properly.

Two features on the Black and Decker 18v  cordless strimmer that make this easy to achieve are the guide wheel and the edge setting.

The guide wheel keeps you on the right track so to speak.

The whole cutting head can be twisted round, locked in place to enable you to cut clean edges. This is simply a quick and easy twist mechanism on the strimmer handle. Twist it back and you are ready to go on flat ground too.

Using a strimmer such as this Black and Decker makes light work of any grass strimming jobs around your garden.

Quick and Easy to operate.Easy Low Maintenance Garden Ideas


The Black and Decker 18v cordless strimmer also has a telescopic shaft. You can have it set to a length to suit your height together with a click and lock handle with several settings making it easy and ergonomic to operate.

All of these points also enable you to store it better and saves space as it folds up to just 1 metre.

The cordless version is a winner for me for a few reasons:

-It is lightweight and easy to use.

-It is also reasonably quiet, a lot quieter than petrol tools so I don’t feel that it disturbs anyone too much.

-The battery is long-lasting, 2500 linear meters on one charge.



  • It is quiet.
  • Lightweight. 1kg
  • I can use it anywhere without having to trail dangerous cables
  • No petrol fumes
  • Long Battery life
  • Quick to charge
  • Spare Batteries are available and interchangeable with other Black and Decker tools
  • Auto Spool
  • Straightforward to put together from new
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Spare Parts available
  • Ergonomic



  • Auto spool uses too much line. (I prefer to keep this to a manual setting)
  • Battery takes a long time to charge. (I have spare ones fully charged, ready to use)
  • I really can’t think of any more cons…


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If you’re looking for a grass strimmer to buy and wondering which one would be best for you, I can definitely recommend this great strimming tool. I wouldn’t be without mine.

Used in a domestic capacity you will enjoy the use of a Black and Decker cordless strimmer for many, many years.

Great for use on allotments for ease of maintenance around your vegetable plot, especially if you have to travel to your allotment. Lightweight and small, therefore, it is perfect for carrying or popping in your car.

No dangerous trailing cable and no need to take a can of petrol either. Read my other garden product reviews for further information on more labour-saving, eco friendly, garden maintenance tools.

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Happy Gardening.

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