Funky Veg Kit By Plant Theatre. Box of fresh vegetables Grow your own easy vegetables and fruit


Funky Veg Kit By Plant Theatre

With the current world wide situation of lockdowns and uncertainty, many of you are trying your hand at gardening for the first time. The trend in sowing, growing and enjoying home grown vegetables has grown exponentially in the last few months.
I will help and inspire you a little more with this great funky veg kit by Plant Theatre, there are herb kits and fruit kits too, to help you start growing  unusual, tasty and easy veg and herbs.
There is nothing better than the high quality, chemical or additive free produce that we can all grow at home. Whether you have a large garden with plenty of space of you have a balcony or patio, there has never been a better time to start to grow your own.

These plant kits provide you with every thing you need to make a start. Seeds, pots, compost and labels in one bundle. It really couldn’t be easier. Buy one or more today and start your own vegetable growing experience.

Funky Veg Kit By Plant Theatre

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Everything you need to grow 5 Funky colourful veg.

Funky Colourful Veg

The kit contains

  • 5 Packets of UK seeds comprising of
  • Purple Carrots
  • Yellow Courgettes
  • Red Sprouts
  • Swiss Chard
  • Striped Tomatoes
  • 5 Pots
  • 5 Growing blocks
  • 5 Plant Labels
  • Growing Instructions

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I’m quite excited by these vegetable growing kits they are great fun and a fantastic way to get new gardeners engaged with growing their own veg, or for anyone who enjoys gardening but has never grown vegetables before and wants a starter kit.

Also ideal for building gardening interest in children.Fun Gardening Ideas for Kids

They make brilliant, unusual, wacky gifts.

They come with everything you need to start growing your own delicious vegetables.

Seed germination and plant quality is dependent on how they are grown…light, time of year they are sown, warmth, watering, weather conditions and care can all affect the growing results.

If you have a small garden with limited growing space, vegetables can be grown in containers or grow bags, herbs are ideal to grow on a kitchen window ledge, cherry tomatoes, chillies and peppers can all be grown indoors too. How to Grow Plant Seeds. 5 Easy Steps

So much fun can be had growing your own vegetables and these kits will set you off on the right foot.

Imagine having your own home grown veg to enjoy.

It’s a known fact that health and fitness is improved by spending time outdoors with nature, plants and enjoying the fresh air, add in your own vegetables and you are improving your diet as well.

The benefits of home grown vegetables are ten fold. No additives, fresh produce, from garden to kitchen…no air miles involved.

How Funky Veg Kits Benefit The Environment

Some of these vegetable and salad varieties may not result in produce of a perfect shape and size as per supermarkets and they may be smaller than similar varieties found in grocery shops but I will say this, the ones you grow yourself will taste better, smell better and be a whole lot fresher and satisfying…That, my friends is hard to beat.

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I highly recommend these kits for anyone wishing to start growing their own delicious vegetables or to give as gifts to friends and family. My gift list is sorted for sure.

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Any questions or views can be added in the comments box below, I am always thrilled to hear from you and I always reply.

Happy Gardening.

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