Top 7 Gardening Trends 2021. Wild flower meadow. Top 7 Gardening Trends 2021

Top 7 Gardening Trends 2021

There is one thing that stands out from my Top 7 Gardening Trends 2021 and that is that they reflect people’s growing interest in gardening in general.

I am not the kind of person to always follow fashion religiously, particularly when it comes to gardening. There are too many lovely styles of gardens, plant varieties and themes for me to want to stick to just one. I want to try as many of them as possible, with the exception of fads that won’t stand the test of time.

More people young and older have started to garden for the first time this year, it’s a trend I have encouraged and I love to see this bigger interest in growing plants, flowers and food for ourselves.

People who have very little outdoor space are having a go at growing fruit and veg and ornamental plants on balconies. Windowsills are put to use for pots and containers. Tiny gardens and patios come into their own for container gardening too.

Whether you have a large or small garden you are right on trend if you’re doing any gardening at all. Growing on a larger scale or planting herbs on the windowsill, it doesn’t matter so long as you are gardening.

As an aside, the more we can encourage youngsters to embrace horticulture the better. As we know, most kids and teenagers follow fashion to a certain degree. I’m not averse to using that to get them out into the garden, learning about plants, wildlife, edibles, permaculture, etc, by telling them they are bang on trend.

So let’s take a look at these great trendsetting gardening ideas.

My top 7 gardening trends 2021 that I favour the most from all that are predicted to be trending this year

  • Windowsill Gardening
  • Balcony gardens
  • Wild Gardens
  • No Dig Gardening and Raised Bed Gardening
  • White Gardens
  • Shades of Grey
  • Indoors to Outdoors

Windowsill Gardening

If you have a bright, sunny, south facing windowsill then you can grow herbs and salad greens through winter. These are probably the easiest choice of plants to continue growing indoors when you can no longer start much produce outdoors.

For beginners, they are a simple group of plants to start with. They look attractive and you can use them in cooking and winter salads. They are grown easily without the need for expensive tools or equipment such as grow lights or kits.

All you need is a few containers, a bit of time and your plants or seeds of course. How to grow plant seeds. 5 Easy steps.

You can use a general all-purpose peat free potting compost for greens and salad leaves. Pot them up carefully and water well from the bottom. Make sure the containers you use have adequate drainage so that the plant roots do not become water logged. Water once a week or as necessary if the soil is dry but don’t over water them.

You can also grow attractive ornamental plants in the same way to give your rooms colour and style and a bit of cheer through the cold dark winter months.

Balcony Gardening

As more people are looking to grow their own vegetables and flowers, they need some space to do so.

If you don’t have a garden don’t despair, balconies, patios, small yards or window boxes will suffice. Many plants, veg and fruit can be grown in containers just as well as in the ground.

Container gardening is just as satisfying and enjoyable as working on a sizeable plot.

Vertical gardening too is always an option in small spaces.

Balcony with pots of flowers
Top 7 Gardening Trends 2021

Wild Gardens

The importance of gardening for our wildlife is more on trend than ever and a good thing too.

We are increasingly becoming more aware of our local and worldwide environmental issues. Re-wilding a garden goes a long way to providing essential habitat and food for wild life, birds, insects, animals and pollinators.

Planting a wildflower meadow might not be an option for most gardeners but we can certainly leave part of the garden to grow wild. Wild flower garden ideas

Forgo tidying up so much, leave a lawn to grow a little wilder, chose plants with single, open blooms so that insects can access pollen easily.

Build a log pile or make a bug hotel.

Get the kids involved.

Wild flower meadow. Top 7 Gardening Trends 2021
Wildflower Garden

No Dig Gardening

No dig gardening and raised bed gardening is on the rise and set to be even more popular with gardeners in the coming years.

No dig gardening means a lot less work, it helps to keep weeds down, you can achieve better soil control, and the soil does not become compacted.

For gardeners with a small outdoor space it is an ideal way to grow veg, fruit and flowers.

Raised beds allow for easier access and maintenance.

Organic gardening natural no dig way

railway-sleepers are ideal for building raised beds

White Gardens

Often there is a trending colour scheme for gardens, and next year is no exception.

White gardens are the thing, I think maybe with the problems we have had to deal with this year, white for many people is a colour of peace and calm.

Brilliant white flowers look spectacular against a dark backdrop. Plant foliage plays a key part in a successful white garden as does, surrounding garden furniture, fences, plant supports and containers. A dark painted fence for example will really set off a rambling white rose, Jasmine or white clematis.

You don’t have to have all the garden in the colour white. In a small garden pots and containers grouped together with an array of dazzling whit flowers will form a bright focal point. White blooms serve to light up a dark, shady corner too.

Shades of Grey Gardens

Whatever colourful flowers or foliage you wish to plant, a dark backdrop will really set them off.

Fences, walls, sheds, plant supports, summerhouses and other permanent garden structures painted in greys and charcoal shades look fantastic.

Garden trellis painted grey. Top 7 Gardening Trends 2021
Shades Of Grey. Gardening Trends 2021

Re painting these will serve to bring your garden up to date, making it stylish and fashionable. Pots, containers and garden furniture in grey, silver or black will help to bring this colour theme together.

Indoors To Outdoors

Indoors to Outdoors is simply taking your indoor space into your garden to create an outdoor garden room.

With more people staying at home there has been an uprise in creating outdoor ‘garden rooms’. This trend is set to continue and grow.

As we spend more time at home we want our outdoor space as inviting and as comfortable as possible.

Comfortable seating, soft furnishings, even rugs and accessories give us a more attractive space to enjoy outdoors. The key thing to remember to make the area flow stylishly and harmoniously from inside to outside is to use similar materials, colours and styles.

What to do on a staycation 

Bringing your outdoor space up to date doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Choose wisely and your trendy garden will take on a life of its own for very little outlay. It will also stand the test of time and look great for many years to come. For example, fence paint, plants, containers doesn’t cost anymore for having the colours and styles that are fashionable.

You can also revamp the accessories and pots that you already have, using paints for example to change pots to a trendy colour.

Garden furniture can be refurbished to bring it up to scratch. Furniture and outdoor structures need maintenance anyway so you’re doing to things at once for the price of one.

Most of all Enjoy your gardens, plant whatever you want to plant and grow and make the very most of spending time outdoors in the fresh air with plants and wildlife.


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